Gazprom is Open Joint Stock Company is one of the major mining of natural resources and leading companies of the world. It is headquartered in the area of Cheryomushki, Moscow and South-Western Administrative Okrug. This company’s name came out of Russian Gazovaya Promyshlennost, meaning “Gas Industry”. Gazprom was formed in 1989 when Agency of Gas Industry of the Soviet Union changed itself into a business keeping all its property together. It produced 12.1 million tons of gas condensate and 32.3 million tons of crude oil.

Gazprom SWOT Analysis


• The main strength of Gazprom is the increase in their income resources which play a very important role by making their position strong in the financial market.

• They have major operating margins due to which their customer base is very strong. And due to which their products are accepted throughout the world and making their position more strong in the market.

• They joined the global market when there was no such industry that can give valuable products available now they hold a very strong position.

• They are the first company to provide information about their products through mail and make their available where needed.


• They can’t resolve any of their issues because their assists are in control of the Russian Government.

• Increasing debt has caused many problems for them. Due to less economy they are not able to produce the required amount.

• They have fewer resources due to which are they making an insufficient quantity of products due to which their clients are not happy.

• The clients have confirmed that they are using low quality products which cost same as the original products.

• They are facing problem in providing well liked quality products when it is needed in a rush.


• By constructing unending pipeline the company could find new resources with will help the company to increase their profit.

• The rapid growth in Europe is demanding for more resources and it is a golden chance for them in increasing their growth in the industrial sector.

• They will grow internationally as well if they spread the pipeline scheme in other countries.

• Gazprom is able to start of this option if it is successful in competently providing streaming pleased to a client on a point in time practice base comparatively than a per-screening basis.


• Gazprom will not be existing in the market if it drops its ordinary, responsible image.

• Gazprom is less right to oppose with other Oil & Gas company for the cause that it has insignificant information in this district, although such development can finally be corresponding somewhat than aggressive.

• They may face some technical problems in their industry and this thing may delay their work. And if delay occurs the company could not be able to provide the required quantity.


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