Brand Associations

To enhance the enthusiasm for the dunking rite of the world’s favorite cookie, many celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Neymar became a part of promotional advertisements. Oreo biscuits are going to be “Eco-friendly” as there will be less use of chemicals for the darkening of the color. Revolution and Technology got celebrated in the SXSW event with the introduction of a Trending Vending Machine. The machine creates custom Oreo cookies with the cooperation between the brand and customers. The company announced to adopt energy efficient methods for the production. It will make use of less energy and water to give the message of care to the environment.

Brand Awareness

Oreo created a buzz on social media using unique methods. This brand has become a social media king after the success earned from Facebook campaigns, YouTube videos, and their Twitter repartees. TV commercials also took the promotion to a supreme level. Oreo became partners with McDonald’s and introduced McFlurry ice cream during the annual promotions of Great Tastes of America. An Oreo drink “Krushem” was also introduced in the KFC. It collaborated with Google for a digital cookie dipping experience. Oreo dunking message gets promoted by media and digital channels and offers cookie dipping activities and games in the stores.

Brand Loyalty

Oreo has been the top cookies brand worldwide and is available in over 100 countries. It delivers products with variations depending on every markets’ choice like avoiding the use of whey powder for vegetarians or using specific oils in products for some regions. Oreo got ranked as the United State’s second-best cookie company. In 2016, it made sales of $778.8 million. It sells more than 95 million packages every day. Oreo, with so many incredible flavors, has become a part of almost every dessert.

Brand Assets

The Oreo is a brand of chocolate sandwich cookies. Nabisco (Mondelēz International) is its parent company. Since its launch in 1912, Oreo has become the top-selling cookies in the United States.Oreo products include fudge cremes, brownies, popcorns, cereals, ice creams, shakes and cookies which include Birthday Cake, Triple Double, Lemon Twist, Neapolitan, Red Velvet, Mississippi Mud Pie, Chocolate Creme, Banana Split, Double Stuf, Deep and More Deep Fried, Caramel Apple, and Pumpkin Spice.

Brand Elements

Nabisco named Oreo, like other products too, on the botanical name of a laurel family group, Oreodaphne. This name has multiple meanings in some languages. In French, the word ‘Or’ means gold while in Greek, it means tasty, super, or delightful. The logo has the brand name, Oreo. There are a distinctive geometric pattern and a two-bar cross on the top of the circle that represents European symbol of quality. The circle in the center of the design mainly means the change. So, an Oreo cookie is a friendly reminder that the power of change is in your hands. While some people find this cookie linked to the history, others just focus on the combination of the warm milk and delicious cookies!

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