Brand Associations

Maybelline has accepted many ethical and social challenges to maintain a healthy image in the society. It fulfilled the economic responsibility of becoming world’s best cosmetic company. Maybelline took a step to stop product testing on animals to get recognized as an ethically responsible firm. They have started to test products on reconstructed skin models and computer modeling. Ruby Rose and Kristin Davis are the celebrities which have done the endorsement for this brand. Maybelline has also made efforts to help the consumers and the community. It became partners with PEOPLE and Essence magazines. Through this partnership, ten women were searched and funded who have brought changes into the society. These companies also featured those women in their magazines along with their stories.

Brand Awareness

Maybelline uses multiple media channels like TVCs and online ads to advertise its brand. It provides products giveaways and special discount offers in various magazines and newspapers. Maybelline has also shown collaboration with many You tube beauty bloggers to promote its specific products range. With its tremendously cost-effective returns, Maybelline has managed to succeed through the use of word-of-mouth marketing. Maybelline is the formal sponsor of New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Maybelline NY coordinates with fashion designers to showcase its creativity and introduce new fashion trends on the runways.

Brand Loyalty

Maybelline is the world’s top-notch makeup brand which is available in more than 129 countries around the world. Offering over 200 products, Maybelline is setting new fashion trends from runways to sidewalks. In 2012, it secured the 22nd position for the Customer Loyalty Leaders by Brand Keys. The iconic slogan “May it’s Maybelline” is connected to the minds of every generation. Maybelline is aware of its customers’ needs and has recognized technical considerations in makeup choices. It launched a campaign to educate customers about the makeup use and products. What distinguishes Maybelline from others is the excellent way in which it addresses and connects with its customers.

Brand Assets

Maybelline, branded as Maybelline New York is a top American makeup company. It was founded in 1915 and is a subsidiary of world’s major cosmetics company, Loreal. Maybelline offers an extensive product portfolio to its customers which covers products for eyes, lips, and face. Furthermore, the company provides brushes, makeup tools, and accessories. In 2015, it acquired 16th position for the Top 50 Cosmetics Brands by Brand Finance.

Brand Elements

A young chemist Thomas Williams watched his sister putting a combination of petroleum jelly and coal on her lashes and brows to make them thicker. In 1915, Thomas followed the same idea and started selling it as lash-in-brow. He named the brand Maybelline in the fusion of his sister’s name ‘Maybel’ and Vaseline. The logo of the brand has written Maybelline New York on it. The emblem has the black background that symbolizes power while the text has a white color which is for perfection and safety. Maybelline gives you technologically-advanced formulas, unique textures and modern, trendsetting products conveniently, affordably, elegantly.

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