Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is basically when an organization effectively markets their brand so as to make it leave a favorable impression on their customers; so that previous customers can maintain loyalty towards the brand, so that new customers may decide to try the brand as they have heard good things about it from others and so that they too may become advocates of the brand in the future. Brand loyalty can however basically be achieved by ensuring that the consumer is satisfied.

Consumer Satisfaction

Consumer satisfaction as a whole has to do with how well the product or service has been received by the customers.This usually takes how well the customers received the pricing of the product to how attractive the product seemed in general- for instance say a pair of straighteners by a certain brand which stand out in terms of their quality to how well they help iron your hair as compared to other straighteners by other brands to how long they last.

As such the brand which offers straighteners that last longer will be more likely to have customers who are loyal to the brand in comparison to those brands that offer straighteners that may not work so well or don’t last for a very long time.

Relationship between Brand Loyalty and Satisfaction

[adsense1]Brand loyalty and consumer satisfaction are very important as it not only ensures that consumers keep coming back for your products but that they do not turn to your competitors.This is one of the main reasons why brand loyalty is established in the first place; competitors can drive you out of the market if you do not succeed in maintaining happy customers.

This is why it is central to running a successful business that you look at what aspects of your product or services your customers enjoy and which aspects they are not particularly fond of, or they believe can be improved.

One way of making certain that your customers remain devoted to your brand is by checking out on a personal level their evaluation of what you offer.For instance if you own a restaurant, say McDonalds or Burger King then you should have questionnaires or something similar that gauges customer response at the meals you offer, whether the service offered is to their liking and what can be improved on.
Sometimes all you have to do is just listening.

Customers who see that there opinion are being heard are more likely to return than those who don’t.Those who feel ignored or shut down may be less likely to desire to remain clients at your organization; they may decide that so and so competitor would be a much safer and more attractive bet. Furthermore since the aim of any business is to maximize its profit the worst thing that could happen to your retail outlet or business would be for it to lose customers.

As such looking after the customers, seeing to their comfort and even trying new things that make the customer believe that the staff genuinely cares about them and is fulfilling their demand for new stuff can result in not just former customers returning but in new ones also turning up at your organization and enjoying themselves!

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