What Is Promotion Mix Strategies?

Promotion of products for an organization and marketing communicators is the hard-core, logical and expensive job to carry out. Marketer can select from two potential promotion mix strategies. They are PUSH PROMOTION and another one is PULL PROMOTION.

Push Strategy

Push strategy of promoting the organization’s products and services is considered the bit conservative and applied with the concerns of internal operating team of an organization. Sales force and the trade promotion are called by the push strategy in order to push or penetrate the product through some traditional channels of promotion. In the push strategy network, producer of the product promotes it to wholesalers then the wholesalers promote to retailers and then retailers promote the product to consumers. Over all we can suggest the push strategy as promoting the product from the distribution channels to its final consumers. Initially producer directs his marketing programs like personal selling and trade promotions towards marketing channel members to carry the product to the market and finally make awareness of the product and promote it to the final consumers. When the wholesaler promotes further the product to consumer, he directs his marketing activities such as personal selling, advertising and sales promotion.

Pull Strategy

Next Pull strategy compels and calls the producer to make heaving spending s on the promotion efforts like advertising and next on consumer promotion in order to create consumer demand against the product. If the built strategy of producers is successful and went into effect immediately, the consumer in turn will ask their potential retailers and regarding the product

Then retailers ask the wholesalers and finally wholesalers will ask the producers. Therefore, it is important that the effective strategy should be formulated and applied so that the consumer will demand the product from channel members who in turn will ask for the product to producer.

Many industrial product-making industries have their emphasis on push strategies and mostly direct marketing companies apply pull strategy. In addition, many companies are in favor of both. They use the blend of both push and pull.380.

Number of factors are considered while designing promotion mix strategies that constitute type of product they are selling and type of market in which they are selling and the product life cycle. In business to consumer companies go for Pull rather push. In addition, invest their capital more and more in advertising, personal selling and sales promotions. In general, personal selling is used for the risky and valuable precious goods in market with larger sellers and in fact with personal selling the customer needs to listen and respond individually even may be the response is not the purchase but No Thanks. The contribution of different promotional tools varies with different stage of product life cycle. (Jeff, Pg 745, 2006)



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