When we talk about business buying attitude, we have to agree with the fact that buying practices of organizations is required much more professional buying practices or we can say that this would come under term complex buying as compared to consumer buying. It is obvious that when consumer makes purchase, that would be consumed by himself as the final consumption or he had made purchase to satisfy his own needs and expectations or for the household use. But in case of organizational buying a buyer needs to be much professional while purchasing stuff and at the same time he is to design fruitful marketing strategies that would help understand him in deciding as to  what happens within the organization to convert the action into the purchase responses.

Business buyers usually take stimuli into high considerations while buying such as they consider different factors of environment like technological, natural, economical, social, political and so and so forth and after studying through these all they become capable of making suitable choices for instance supplier choice, product choice, logistics decisions, payment terms and other important related decisions they could make at ease. Further more, business buyers usually come across the number of common situations that while buying their buying situation can be a new task like buying for the first time or it can be modified re-buy in which they alter the demands or modify the specifications of product and prices either it is straight re-buy which is the routine purchase that the buyer reorders any material or product with no modifications. (Richard, Pg 100, 2009)

The important view of making organizational purchases is its reason of buying which is for the utilization of the purchased goods and services in the production of another stuff or products or its another purpose can be reselling those purchased goods or services to others at some profit margin. Business buying process is to be followed and it suggests to what products the organization is in need to buy or purchase and then the evaluation of goods is necessary and next is the selection of skilled supplier and brands.

A term-derived demand should also be considered as important in making business purchases as it eventually derives from the demands for the consumer goods. when the organization is in need of any good or any material in their production process firstly within the organization the employee should recognize the problem or need and then next the general description is needed of that product next step the good’s quality level or other specification is acknowledged then search for the suitable supplier proposal and then select one of the best vendor and then the most important task to do is formally called as an order routine specification in which buyer writes the final contract with the chosen supplier. Afterwards the evaluation of the supplier’s performance is conducted and decided whether there is a need to drop the arrangement or to continue. (Richard, Pg 100, 2009)



Richard Glavee-Geo, (2009), Organizational Buying Behavior, VDM Verlag, Page 100