Micro environment

The environment factors that can be influenced and controlled by the organization is called micro environment factors which includes customers, employees, suppliers, share holders, media and competitors.


Customers is the end user of company products and services. The success and failure of any company depends upon customer value and satisfaction. Those companies who are addressing customers needs and wants has been enjoying better revenues and profits.


In order to gain competitive edge the company/organization has to hire the correct staff who should fulfills the job requirement. The leaders should motivate them to work hard and training and development program should be there to make them better understand how to perform.


Closer relationship with supplier is beneficial for the company /organization because the price and quality of raw material directly effect on the marketing mix strategy. If company has close relationship with supplier then there is great chance that supplier will provide the raw material at lower cost as compared to other suppliers and serve you better quality which  results in good product and fulfills the requirement, need and wants of customer.


To turn the organization from private to public the company/organization need shareholder to invest in the company/ organization. You have to keep them in control and satisfy their need and wants and the over crowded shareholder may result in failure because company/organization can not meet the needs of over crowded shareholders.


Media can also have positive and negative impact on the organization/company if the message is not conveyed to the target audience then it will be loss for an organization so that’s why it forces the organization to change their tactics to convey the right message to the right audience at right time.


To gain the competitive advantage there is only one way that is differentiation what benefits and features of product you are offering to you customer which is different from you competitor which makes you different from your competitor and as well make your product different from them.

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