Ufone is the second largest cellular network in Pakistan. Most of the organizations whether Its local or multinational, private or Govt. they are dependent on their employees. In the least 1 decade telecom industry has grown up with extremely high ratio as a result the people start getting more benefits with less time to spend and less amount as well. With the population of almost 17 million Ufone is one of the largest telecommunication networks which produce more revenue with less amount of money spending on advertizing and ads. Ufone start its journey of operating and giving the best quality network to their customers in Jan, 2001. They offer two kinds of packages to their consumers postpaid and the Prepay. Ufone has almost always plays a very important role in the growing demand of telecommunication in Pakistan. This was probably the one of the biggest achievement to introduce and invent the product in the market. Ufone bring this idea to cut down the tax which in other words call it hidden charges to their consumers. They bring the idea give better rates or low rates and design the plans particularly to the middle category. They are covering almost 5885 more or less locations in the country.    


"Ufone, it’s all about U! We are where you want to be…
…At Ufone we aim to provide you with wider coverage, superior connectivity, clear signals & voice quality. Wherever you are, Ufone keeps you connected."


“Be the leaders of the cellular companies in telecommunication sector in Pakistan
By giving the consumers better quality in low rates and bring innovation and communication resolution whereas beyond the investors value and employee expectation”

SWOT Analysis of Ufone


• The company has the coverage in more than 5885 different locations and across all the major highways.

• Currently the company provides good rates for international Roaming to almost 230 live operators in more than 130 countries.

• Company is a host of price added services and information connecting with the remarkable network in the country.

• Ufone do offers the most affordable rates for their customers.


• The biggest weakness in Ufone is that they are unable to meet up the demands.

• Central constitution failed to give proper leadership over instructions and policies.

• As Economic assets comparisons, Ufone is not secure to expected productivity.

• Company is weighed down for some internal problems when it’s been privatized with Etisalat being part of the PTCL so many of their employees were not happy with their wage scale.


• The biggest threat is the Govt. involvement in terms of Taxes.

• Unless the company get the proper financial support from PTCL as they just license them as a telecommunication company.

• Company is responsible to pension employees on time which at the time seems good idea when they started, but now it looks like they are facing some real problems. .

• Ufone like most of the big companies in the country with quality employees ‘benefits about health, is creating a big financial problem and its getting more and more bad day by day.


• Ufone has the ability to expand internationally, but because the current financial situations the whole operations stopped.

• Having their right marketing strategies they can obtain much more.

• An opportunity to them that they will never satisfy means that Ufone should always attempt and work for better and worth full services.

• Company has a new technology they will soon launch and shock all the competitors which is an ATM sort of recharging balance loading which will be available 24-hours.

• Company should develop their franchises in far off areas which will help people reaching them more easily and that will surely benefit the company too.

Marketing Objectives

Ufone is a full of life organization with a dominant traditions which allows the customers to make the majority of their expertise, qualities and career. Ufone is focused to face the increasing challenges of the current market and is pretty much positive that they will create a center of new customers. They got this tremendous strength of maintaining their existing customer’s base on the high intensity of the customers satisfaction through best possible network services and a 24 Hour customer helpline support as well.

Promotional Strategy

The sales and service centers of Ufone has been positioned to provide their customer quality services all down the one crown where you go to any Ufone sales and service Center for services like:

1.Connection purchase

2. Bill payment

3. SIM Activation

4. Number blocking in case of lost or stolen SIMs

5. Number change

6. Address change

7. SIM replacement

8. Ownership Changing

9. Product / package change

10. Connection closure

11. PIN / PUK code number inquiry

12. GPRS

13. IR activation

14. Missed Call Notification

15. Call Forwarding

16. Conference Call

17. FNF Activation / Changes

Keeping the convention of individual trend setter in the cellular industry, Ufone has entirely change the picture of the cell phones from a magnificence to only a reasonable by the best, to a necessarily and accordingly to the usage of a common person. By the time they set up Ufone has positioned its brand of ample. Keeping the factor of the future competition and also the market dynamics, Ufone jumped over to the youth section and start dealing the best offers ever can be, (which comprises 50% of the population), with their Prepay offer. Ufone Prepay offer is now start considered as one of the most demanding cell phones offer ever that truly attract not only the youth market but also all age of customers and that definitely become one of biggest challenge for the other competitors.


Company offer both Prepay and postpaid connections, following are the different packages Ufone is offering:

Ufone markets its prepaid services as “Prepay”. Ufone Prepay is more reasonable. Its principal market is planned towards the teen agers and students. Following are some of the prepaid packages of Ufone.

Package 1



Package 2



Package 3



Package 4



Package 5


3+tax per day

Other Value Added Services:
1. Ufone Game Show

2. SIM Lagao Offer

3. Ufone Member Banao

4. IDD USA, UK & Canada

5. Prepaid Roaming

6. International MMS

7. Products and Features

8. Recharge Options

9. Prepaid Call Details

10. U Share

11. ULoad via 1 link ATM

12. Ufone Conference Call

Postpaid services are advertised by the name “Post pay”. These services are largely embattled towards the business community of the country but having the packages of middle class also.


Market Share
According to the financial results of the cellular companies Ufone has covered the market shares by 20.56 % in the year 2008. The market shares in 2009 were 21.20%. The increasing phase of Ufone from 2008 to 2009 was 0.64%. Above the financial statistics which shows that market share is increased very slightly and smoothly.


Because of the high amount of sales the revenue in 2008 was 15% which has increased over to 18.86% in 2009. The inhance in revenue is almost 3.86% which was higher and the pay raise from than of Ufone competitors.


The investment in the year 2008 was 27455 million US dollars as it moves to 40660 million US dollars in the year 2009, which clearly gives a picture that how the shareholders are investing in Ufone same way then Ufone is rising the attention of investors in investment. Pakistan becomes the financing heaven particularly for the telecommunication region in the last few years.


Telecommunication industry is growing very fast in Pakistan but there is still huge financial investment required for better Coverage. Market has now a very strong and tough Competition due to China Mobiles. Competitors are keen to hire professionals to give more better way of amusing which certainly resulting technological execution and significance services. Most of the people were worried about the high call rates so they not used to prefer any particular company. So ultimately the the customers start looking for companies while having low rates with better quality between the market. Ufone brought up some stunning packages for their users they start promoting their existing products in a better and authentic way which start helping the company very fast and better way.


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