Company Introduction

McDonald’s is a food retail company which was established in 1954. It has around 30, 000 outlets in more than 120 countries and thus it have been considered among world’s largest food chains. Their affluent time began with their founder Ray Kroc’s vision and his dedication, changed in their brilliant managers, and this will maintain the polish on McDonald’s name for years to come.

Mission /Vision

McDonald’s mission is:
“To be our customers’ favorite place and way to eat with inspired people who delight each customer with unmatched quality, service, cleanliness and value every time … we invite you to be the part of this winning team and give yourself an opportunity to grow with the family of people striving to create smiles on the faces of millions of people every day.”
McDonald’s vision is:
“To be Estonia’s "best" quick service restaurant, experience supported by a set of core values and guiding principles.”
Statement of the Marketing Goal
McDonald believes that customer perception is one thing which always guarantees the product’s success. So its marketing strategies are also designed while keeping in view the customer perspective. It relies on the fact that many innovative products may fail simply because of their incapability to make a strong perception about itself in the customer’s mind. McDonalds being a globally famous brand brings with it definite hopes for the clients.

SWOT Analysis


• MacDonald’s has its worldwide presence while having huge impact on its competitors.

• It is market leader in both domestic and international markets.

• It perfectly uses economies of scale to achieve its cost reduction strategies.

• It has been facing long term economic growth and is taking advantage by expanding itself globally.

• MacDonald’s is capable of generating high revenues and sales because of its brand recognition.

• It aggressive marketing plans has enabled it to capture every next market segment which it targets.


• Market saturation has made the expansion difficult for MacDonald’s.

• MacDonald’s is very slow in the process of product innovation.


• It can make its outlet chains better and more attractive for new customers by giving value added services like internet access.

• International expansion is still available as an opportunity for MacDonald’s.

• McDonald’s can plan market penetrate in places like Europe, Asia and Latin America.

• Product innovation is another big opportunity which MacDonald’s can catch.


• McDonald’s is open to the alterations in the worldwide economy. 

• MacDonald’s violent global growth has made it awfully defenseless to other countries economic slowdown. 

• Fluctuations in foreign currency rates are also a big threat for MacDonald’s.

Who are competitors?

Top Companies like Yum! Brands, Inc, Wendy’s International, Inc. Jack in the Box Inc, Burger King Corporation, KFC and Pizza Hut are serving as major competitor of MacDonald’s.

Marketing Objectives

Currently MacDonald’s is focusing on service delivery time because of customer don’t have much time today while using electronic media for promotion.

Overall Objective

• Easy accessibility of product and services to the customers

• Easy accessibility for providing essential services and value-added services

• Easy complaint handling process.

• Covering whole target market.

Primary Business Objectives

• To increase sales by 40 % in upcoming 6 months.

• To increase brand awareness among non-existing clients.

• To increase the ROE ratio of the company by 10 % in next 6 months.

• Increasing the retailers and brand outlets in targeted markets for at least 20 new places.

Strategic Objectives for Every Primary Objective

Strategically company’s main focus is to satisfy its customers by providing them the best of their services. While from organizational point of view, expansion is main focus out of the MacDonald’s as it is expanding its outlets throughout different countries of the world.

Target Market Segments

MacDonald’s has been using demographic segmentation strategy and it takes age as the basic parameter for segmentation. The major target segments of MacDonald’s are children, youth and the young urban family members.

Main strategies

1. Market Penetration

MacDonald’s has planned to enhance market penetration strategies by inculcating few interior market promotions so to increase the market share by attracting competitor’s clients. Secondly MacDonald’s has also launched few advertisement campaigns for domestic market clients in each country.

2. Market Development

MacDonald’s has been the best example of market development from last many years in food retail industry. Market development strategy which Macdonald’s follow is through company expansion plans in new markets and new outlet events through which large number of clients are attracted. MacDonald’s managers take actions like targeting promotions, opening sales offices and creating alliances with other companies.

3. Service/Program Development

MacDonald’s has been giving intense importance to service development programs as its main focus is over providing best services to its clients. They have analyzed the on hand markets and they have developed the customer care strategies by taking their feedbacks so to increase the number of satisfied customers.

VI. Budget

Marketing budgets are designed to support the marketing strategies as they need huge expenses. In Macdonald’s marketing budgets are designed and allocated after analysing the given strategies on hand which marketing executives present in front of the finance team. I n this way marketing budgets are allocated. The percentage of budget which usually has been allocated to marketing department every year is almost 50 percent of the total budget of the company. But this ratio may vary depending on the seasonal changes in marketing strategies or launch of new products.


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