I. Company Introduction

Dove is a very well known brand which works under Unilever’s head name. It began its workings in 1957 by launching a personal cleansing bar. Later on they developed a new cleanser for burned or effected skins by using the old formula and it was the time during World War II, when such cases usually appeared. At that time it was a very innovative concept that a non-soap cleanser is available which allows users to get rid of skin dirt without using the soap again and again. In 1970 a dermatology study recognized the efforts of Dove in this regard and at that time they started gaining popularity among beauty brands. And nowadays it is being considered as the World’s top brand in cleansing products and a lot of research has been done on its product innovation and marketing strategies.

Mission /Vision

Dove brand has its mission and vision as follows:

“Dove is committed to helping all women realize their personal beauty potential by creating products that deliver real care. Dove believes that beauty should be for everyone, because when you look and feel your best, you feel better about yourself.”
“Dove says it continues to provide products that make a genuine difference to the condition and feel of your skin and hair.”

And in doing so it assists in accomplishing its mission of increasing women’s description of beauty to incorporate all ages, body shapes and all sizes, making them realize that beauty is not only related to their looks.

Statement of the Marketing Goal

Marketing strategies may be designed in several different ways or through several different channels but when it comes to brand like Dove; they make it after proper planning. The basic statement of Marketing Goal of Dove is as follows:
“Dove wants to target all ages, shapes, and sizes of women to let them believe through the use of their products that beauty doesn’t depend on these factors, rather beauty lies in you. Dove tries to help all women through its marketing tactics to believe the real beauty present in them.”
This reflects in all their marketing campaigns whether, it’s an ad, or any other marketing campaign.

II. Marketing Objectives for the Project

Dove develops its marketing objectives very carefully as it is devoted to expand the definition of beauty for all women for the reason that they believe real beauty comes from your inner self. All successful marketing strategies were basically due to wisely planned marketing objectives of Dove which we are going to discuss here.  Due to successful marketing objectives, Dove is the UK’s Bar Soap brand and 45% of the people bought a Dove product in 2010. In fact, 10.1 million women use Dove every week in the UK.

A. Overall Objective

•    Elevate sales of Dove loveliness products and latest product lines.
•    Make exchange of ideas, debates, and conversation about the factual sense of natural beauty.
•    To be a focus for nationwide TV and print media reporting.
•    Increase restricted press concentration in the hometowns of model featured all through the movement.

•    Drive users to the CFRB Web site to divide their opinions and views about the campaign and natural beauty typecasts.
•    Make a call to action for customers to link the group through website that make active contribution by Dove for self-worth consciousness program.

B. Primary Business Objectives

•    To increase sales by 30 percent in upcoming 6 months.
•    To increase brand awareness among non-existing clients for at least.
•    To increase the ROE ratio of the company by 5 % in next 6 months.
•    Increasing the retailers and brand outlets in targeted markets for at least 20 new stations.

C. Strategic objectives for every primary objective

The very important procedure of an organization is called tactical set up, and in hyperbolic circumstances, its strategy or direction, and making decisions on assigns it capital to follow  this strategy, including  its assets and people (Colin, 2006). The most business analysis techniques can be applied in strategic planning, that is the official thought of association’s prospect rout. Every strategic planning does contract with at least one of three key questions:

1.”How do we get there and stand out?
2.”Where are we?
3.”Where do we wish for to go?

We extremely want you to be a great marketer, therefore, our favorite objective is to assist our business and obtain a huge part of our open market and bring much increase in our earnings, and we can support our marketing team or develop into our off-line and on-line business partner. We have specialized professionals, graphic designers, and web developers, with many other obliging tools that will assist our business go ahead of our contestants and increase marketplace share. We will repeatedly check and track our advertising campaigns so we can promise our long-standing achievement.

III. Target Market Segments

Targeted market segments for dove includes following:

A. Identify

• Women who use beauty products.

• Women who are well aware about beauty and care for their skin.

• Women having the minimum purchasing power for our product.

B. Why selected

This target segment is selected on the basis of product features and buyer traits for buying the products. This involves a lot of research as finding out the specific target market is very critical but Dove do so by utilizing its R & D department.

IV. Marketing Strategies

The Dove movement for natural loveliness was made to aggravate dialogue and give confidence debate. Dove’s Business is to provide services classically available in Great businesses to tiny businesses for a part of the price, through our domestic employees and their connections. So that, accounting, payroll, organization consulting, publicity and marketing, tax homework, legal advice, and fiscal planning should be done in a systematic way.

A. Main strategies

1. Market Penetration

For increased market penetration, Dove will be launching few campaigns where the representatives will move to the market segments and will do free sampling. This will make the customer realize that Dove cares and penetration will be achieved in newly selected market segments.
2. Market Development

Making aware the existing clients and making them realize that real beauty lies in you which is being enhanced by Dove products is the main aim of Dove. Market development basically means to Dove that customer becomes more aware about the product knowledge and information. And for that they Dove has planned to provide demonstration campaigns in each outlet.

3. Service/program Development

As sales and product services play very important role in customer awareness so Dove also planned for services/program development.  They have analyzed the existing markets and have come to the conclusion that giving informative ads and procedural ads about the usage of products is very important thus such ads would be the upcoming advertising campaign’s part.

4. Diversification

For diversification they have planned to follow the old strategy which was to make their product line extensive and specialized for different skin types and people. By doing so their product line will diversify and they will be attracting more people toward their products.

B. Strategy Development by Target Group

As the targeted groups are explained in the prior section and there is no special segregation in targeted market so same strategy will be used for all segments of the target market.

C. Promotional Tools (list)

Dove has planned to promote through different ways which includes posters campaign, banners, flyers, advertisements in news papers & magazines, emails, direct marketing, SMS, and face book etc. As in our main target customers are women so we have to capture their attention and provide awareness about the skin care and beauty products. They should know that now throughout the globe there is no other brand which is giving proper awareness about the skin issues.

Posters campaign

The main purpose of any campaign poster is to development the message that we want to convey our target market about the product awareness.


Banners will be pasted on the different flash areas from where we can take advantage and can expand number of customers.


Flyers will be distributed in different companies, women universities and stores will also consider as they need such products and they can give us feedback later on.

Advertisements in news papers & magazines

We will give regular advertisements in news papers for the awareness of customers and for all the people who can take help from us and also in top magazines so that everyone everywhere comes to know about our company and get familiar with our products.


Emails are also a good and effective and free of cost source of promotion. There are different sites like mahan.com from it we can take thousands of email ids and we can sent them mails to aware them about our company and it is would be totally free.

Direct marketing

We will do direct marketing by promoting our company by ourselves.


SMS is also an effective way to promotion. There are different software’s available in the market through which we can send bulk messages to people.
Facebook and other social sites

We will also publish information about our company on face book and other social networks like twitter, MySpace etc these are very valuable ways because these are most popular among the female users, companies in fact all category is available on these social networks and we can also make our fan page and it will be added by our friend.

V. Monitoring Techniques

For the success of this marketing plan different monitoring tools will be used. Monitoring techniques are used in different ways to control the marketing outcomes and usually different procedures are being used by companies to do so. Dove uses different tools to measure and monitor the impact of marketing campaigns on company’s performances.

Progress Reports

Progress reports would be designed and given to each department so that the instant effect of such marketing campaign can be seen all over the company.


Timelines will be issued to every new marketing campaign and strategy so that all result would be compared with the timelines, this would give us the rate of change in company’s success in terms of marketing.

Outcome Measurements

Outcomes of the marketing strategies will be measured in terms of increased sales, gross revenue, profits, customer base, client’s feedback, Goodwill and Brand awareness. Below is one example through which one can see the processes used to monitor the marketing strategies and their outcomes.


VI. Budget

Budgets are always designed to make the expenses limited and to forecast the upcoming benefits from the services you are going to offer. As the marketing plan is all about how to promote our new upcoming products and services, so the budget designed here would also be according to that. There would be a proper budget allocated by our bank to our marketing team to execute all required marketing activities for the new services. The amount of budget varies each time so for this time also different percentages of the whole budget may be assigned to the marketing campaign for new promotional campaigns. As there lays a number of projects which Dove focuses over simultaneously so budget would be around 10% to 15% of the overall company’s budget


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