The marketing mix of IndiGo Airlines will look into the factors that are involved in the marketing of IndiGo Ailines worldwide. The marketing mix of IndiGo Airlines will mainly include the 4 P’s of marketing. IndiGo Airlines is India’s largest passenger airline with the largest market share in the airline industry. They operate domestically and are considered a low-cost carrier with their focus on lower fares, timely operations and delivery a world class experience. They have started their operations back in 2006 and within a few years they have been able to achieve this position in the Indian market. IndiGo Airlines now operates internationally as well. The marketing mix for IndiGo Airlines include:


IndiGo Airlines provides low cost air transport to its consumers. That’s their main competitive edge in terms of their service. To complement their service, they provide supplementary services like web check-in, easy boarding and in-flight food and drinks. They provide different meal options that the consumers can choose from. They also provide pick and drop service from the airport. These services make them stand out. Their cargo service is called CarGo, through which consumers can send their packages conveniently and fast. They are really growing fast in that service as well.


The airline industry is highly competitive in India so IndiGo Airlines have been competitive in terms of price they offer. So, when consumers make a comparison of prices between airlines, they always find IndiGo Airline prices lower than other competitors. Moreover, for this low price, consumers are guaranteed best services. IndiGo Airlines also offers various kinds of discounts including adults and students’ discount which makes them even more consumers friendly.


IndiGo Airlines has been in the Indian market for just a few years but it still offers flights to more than 40 destinations and they have been planning to expand even more with some international flights in operation as well. So, they have been growing in the past years and it can be expected that they will continue to do so in the future. As far as placement in the minds of consumers is concerned, they have been positioning themselves as reliable and low-cost airline and thus most of the consumers place them as comfortable, reliable and cheap airline in their minds.


In order to place their airline in the right frame of mind in the consumers’ mind, IndiGo Airlines had to invest a lot in terms of their promotions. For that, IndiGo Airlines runs television commercial to promote their services to their consumers. They also place billboards and hoarding in notable places around the country to reach their target market. With such promotions, they bring in new customers and retain the previous ones. Moreover, they do digital marketing as well as reach out their consumers through loyalty cars so that they keep on traveling in the future as well.


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