This article will highlight the marketing mix of Horlicks. The marketing mix of Horlicks might slightly differ in different countries, but this article will highlight these aspects globally. Horlicks is a malted hot drink that was introduced by James & William Horlicks and was originally sold as infant food. With time, their positioning strategy changed and they started targeting mainly teenagers. While we are on the topic of positioning, their positioning might differ in different regions as they have a slightly different approach to a different country. Horlicks is now called a brand as it has been in the market long enough to be identified by the consumers as well as successful in building their credibility.


Horlicks is one of the leading malt based drink in the world. The product portfolio of Horlicks is very diverse. It has a mix of healthy drinks, biscuits, instant noodles and oats. These products keep on increasing as they expand their portfolio. They have different drinks for different age groups, for instance there’s Horlicks Junior, Mother’s Horlicks, Women’s Horlicks, Horlicks Lite and various more. So these products are also designed around the lifestyles of consumers, for instance when they noticed that people were becoming health conscious, they introduced products like oats and Horlicks Lite. They also have a lot of different flavors, like caramel, vanilla, chocolate and many more.


Pricing strategy of Horlicks can be called as premium because it is not for the masses. However, it is for all age groups. Horlicks is also competitively priced and follows value added pricing in the marketing mix. It is a nutritional product that is available for medium-income or high-income groups. Though most of their products are available in different quantities, it is still mostly expensive for the masses.


Horlicks’ products are extensively available through local supermarkets, grocery and even medical stores. It is ensured by the supply chain of the Horlicks that it is available in reach to all the target areas. Mostly, Horlicks have their manufacturing plants in the regions that they operate in and because of that they have a good distribution network.


Horlicks has been spending a considerable amount of money for their advertising as they have been following an aggressive promotion strategy where they spend on advertising through TV ads, print ads, billboards, and digital advertising. Mostly, they target mothers through their advertising who are looking for nutritional products for their kids and are usually considered the buyers of the house. Horlicks also incorporates radio advertising in their marketing mix in most of the countries. Most importantly, they know the importance of digital landscape and use the social media tools in the right way to get their brand through to the target market. Most of the video ads are now made for the digital mediums as they have a broader reach than TV.