Marketing mix of Hindustan Unilever, in particular, will be discussed in this article. The marketing mix of Hindustan Unilever will incorporate the 4P’s that are involved in the overall image of the brand. Unilever is present almost all over the world and is usually called Unilever, but in India it was changed to Hindustan Unilever, which also represents the fact that everything sold under the name is manufactured and marketed in India. It is one of the biggest fast moving consumer goods company in the world.


The product range of Hindustan Unilever is very wide and keeps on increasing almost every year. There are different categories including foods, drinks, skincare and daily use products. In the food and drinks category, they have products like Wall’s, and Magnum in their ice creams category, while in the drinks category, they have teas like Lipton, Brooke Bond, Red Label and Taj Mahal. They also have a product in the coffee category and it’s called, BRU. They have other products like Salt, flour, and instant foods like Knorr noodles, soup and snacks. They also have products like jams, squashes, sauces and ketchups. While in the home category, they have detergents, dish washers and home cleaning supplement. Moreover, in their personal hygiene category, they have products like Clinic Plus, Sunsilk, Lux, Pears and Vaseline. So, basically they have shampoos, lotions, skin care and grooming products for men and women. The product categories keep on increasing with time.


Since Hindustan Unilever (HUL) has so many product categories, the price range is also very diverse. They have a lot of products that are targeted to a particular segment, for instance the niche market but they also have products that are for the masses. This is also because the aim of HUL is to reach maximum number of customers in almost all income segments. There are so many products which are considered as premium and are only meant for a small niche segment of people but then there are also products that are for everyone, every age and income group will be able to afford it.


Hindustan Unilever (HUL) has a wide outreach in India and their products are available in all regions around the country. It is because they have a strong distribution network through which they make sure that their products are delivered to the right place at the right time. They also have more than 30 manufacturing units around the country through which they make sure that their products are reached to all regions on time. They have separate rural distributors as their strategy is to reach the masses all over the country.


Promotion and marketing strategies of Hindustan Unilever (HUL) has been aggressive and they have been investing a lot of time in brand promotions. They promote their products through offline advertising including billboards, newspaper ads, magazine ads, poster and promotional events for many products. However, they invest a lot of their advertising efforts into online marketing, including social media promotions and digital video ads. Also, they use different celebrities for their promotions, which are usually very effective considering the Indian market.