Marketing Mix of Harley Davidson will basically explain all the P’s that the company is considering in their marketing strategy. In this article, we will discuss the most essential 4P’s as the marketing mix of Harley Davidson. Harley Davidson is an American motorcycle manufacturer; the company was founded in1903, and is now present in countries around the world. They also expanded to providing other services, like financial services offered through their unit called Harley Davidson Financial Services, but their main focus remained on manufacturing and selling of motorcycles and service parts. The marketing mix for Harley Davidson can be defined below:


Harley Davidson is one of the largest global motorcycle brands in the world. They have created a niche for themselves because their products are of high quality and they also offer customization to their customers. There are various brands produced by the company so their portfolio is wide. Their most famous and desirable motorcycles are produced in models like touring, dyna, sportster and other. Their engines are something that differentiates them from other competitors. Also, their sports bikes have gained a lot of attention and admiration which is why they have expanded their product portfolio and they also sell merchandise and parts of bikes as well.


Harley Davidson works on a premium price strategy because of the quality of their products. It is also because of all the experience that they offer through their products. Their main aim is to make their customers feel luxurious and premium. Moreover, they offer customized products and services which kind of justifies their premium prices. Harley Davidson has been offering premium prices from the time they started selling stuff so that means it was always targeting a niche market.


Harley Davidson first started in America but it was then expanded to other countries and today they are present in almost all the countries around the globe. Now, it is well recognized brand around the world. If we look at it from the perspective of the consumers, we can see that it has been able to dig deeply in the consumer’s mind because of the strong brand equity that it has gained. Also, since it is known as a premium brand, they prefer to keep it at exclusive stores only and the showrooms are located in posh localities. It has a strong network of supply chain and dealers due to which the brand is able to reach to various countries.


Different kinds of promotion models are used by Harley Davidson. They have an aggressive promotional strategy where they believe in reaching out to their customers through various means. They offer Biker clubs, customized merchandise and accessories to make the customer feel that they are an important part of the brand. They offer biking experiences to attract more customers. These are some of the unconventional ways used for advertising, but Harley Davidson also uses digital and print advertising for their marketing campaigns.


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