Haldiram’s began as a small-town enterprise which expanded to other countries, this article will explore into the marketing mix of Haldiram’s. The marketing mix of Haldiram’s will include all the P’s that are relevant to the marketing strategy of Haldiram’s. The brand is famous for its savories and sweets. The company first grew because of word of mouth but the company expanded really quickly and is now available in various countries. The marketing mix for Haldiram’s can be laid out as follows:


Haldiram’s has a very wide range of products including bakery items, drinks, dairy products, sweets and ice creams. One of their most popular products however is called Namkeen, which brings in the maximum revenue for the company even today. The company has production units all around India which manufacture these products efficiently in order to fulfill the high demand that these products have from the country as well as the world. Their brand name has grown also because of the fact that they focus on their quality and have worked to maintain their quality. These products are manufactured to suit the taste of different customers. That involved customizing some of their products to deliver to the taste of customers from different regions of India.


When it comes to the market of Namkeens and sweets, Haldiram’s focuses on offering competitive prices to their customers. This is so that they can penetrate the huge market in India that deal with such savories. The prices of Namkeens were kept low and were served in different packaging so that they could target various customers with the same product. Similarly, other products were also priced accordingly. The prices were affected by the raw material used for that product. The products that were exported to other countries had impact of other factors such as taxes, exchange rate, and tariffs as well.


The distribution network for Haldiram’s is something that they have worked really hard for. They have ensured that even if Haldiram’s manufacturing unit or store is not available in any part of the country, their products are still available to the customers in that area. So the placing strategy is amazing for Haldiram’s. Also, since it is available in different price ranges, it can be found in different places like railway stations, bus stops, and airports as well. This also shows that Haldiram’s has been able to not only physically place the product in places, but have been successful in placing the products in the minds of the customers and they know that it is the product that they would find everywhere and would want to buy.


In the beginning, Haldiram’s was only working on word of mouth promotions, but soon they realized that they need to follow up with the growing marketing trends in order to keep up with the growing snack market. So, they started designing poster to attract the masses. The marketing campaigns were designed according to the regions to target the locals. Today, they market through advertisements, releasing these on special occasions like Diwali. Other than that, billboard, hoardings, print media and digital media is also used for promotions. Their packaging is also part of their promotions as it has now become an identity for Haldiram’s.


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