This article will discuss the marketing mix of green marketing. The marketing mix of green marketing will discuss four aspects including product, price, place and promotion. Green Marketing is used by various organizations these days. It is a concept which is applied by organizations to design, produce, promote and distribute products in ways which are not harmful to the environment.  According to Welford (2000), green marketing is the management process responsible for recognizing, anticipating and meeting the requirements of customers and society in a profitable and sustainable way. It is also a common perception that green marketing is not only favorable to the environment but it is also profitable for the company. This is because when a company introduces an eco-friendly product, it gives it increased market share as well a new market to discover and it also gives the company an opportunity to fulfil its corporate social responsibility.

Green Product

Mostly the products in green marketing are made with recycled material or materials that are eco-friendly. These products not only reduce harmful effects for the environment but also save energy, water and in some cases, money. The product is also designed in such a way that it follows the market trends of green products, which usually use organic or green chemicals or products that are less harmful in every way. For example, Nike uses less harmful products to manufacture its products to emphasize on their strategies of green marketing.

Green Price

Just like manufacturing, the price is also decided keeping in mind the benefits of the earth. Green pricing means taking care of employees as well as customers and producing the products efficiently. By doing that, they can sometimes reduce price by using less chemical products and use natural ways of producing raw materials. Sometimes companies also use different strategies to save the planet. For instance some sellers sell shopping bag at a price instead of giving it for free to discourage people from buying it and harming the environment. By putting a price to it, they reduce its use.

Green Place

By using strategies like managing the storage in such a way that reduces the overall transportation time and thus reducing the emission of overall harmful gases, some companies can use green marketing in that way. For example, by discouraging imports and promoting local products makes the local companies empowered but also makes helps green marketing in ways that can reduce the overall transport cost as well as pollution caused by it.

Green Promotion

Green marketer use ways of promoting the products that are less harmful to the environment. The promotion efforts use less paper and more digital platforms. Also, at times billboards are also discouraged because it can involve cutting of trees. Moreover, green marketing also involves promoting the products in a way that encourages the consumers to save the environment as well, so the campaigns are designed on similar theme. In this way consumer awareness about these issues is raised while creating a positive image of the company.


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