Grameenphone, abbreviated as GP, is a top telecommunications service provider based in Bangladesh. Grameenphone, a subsidiary of Telenor Mobile Communications AS, was founded in 1997 and has headquarters in GPHOUSE, Basundhara, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was the first company which introduced GSM technology in the country. The marketing mix of Grameenphone is a collection of tools it uses to create the response it wants in the target market. The 4Ps in the marketing mix of Grameenphone is:


One of the leading telecommunication service provider in Bangladesh, Grameenphone, offers a wide variety of services to its customers. It gives pre-paid services under the name of Easy Prepaid which is presently known as Shohoj, Smile, Aapon, Amontron, Spondon, Nishchinto, Bondhu, business solution for business people. Besides, it has also a service for youngsters called djuice. The company has post-paid services as well under the name Xplore Postpaid & Xplore Legend.

It is also an internet service provider and has GPRS/EDGE/3G/4G enabled network. The company offers BillPay service, platform for buying and selling products, and other value-added services. Grameenphone considers its employees as an essential asset, so it provides them with plenty of services like insurance, transport facility, education support, etc.


Grameenphone aims to stay close to the customers and a step ahead of its competitors. It uses competitive pricing strategy and keeps focus on the rates of other companies. The target customers of the company are from premium, middle-class, and upper-middle-class group. It offers competitive tariffs with various attractive features. As per government regulations, the company sells SIM cards with handsets which leads to a large volume of sales. Different low-rate packages attract more people which result in increased subscriptions.


Grameenphone has a powerful traditional distribution channel which includes dealers, retailers, consumers. In the past years, there was no concept of direct sale to the customers. But recently, the company introduced a new and convenient channel of distribution.

There are about 18 distribution centers owned by Grameenphone. These centers serve as a one-stop solution, providing every product and services to the customers. The company has almost 60 franchises across the country to facilitate customers and deal with their requirements and problems. Plus, Community Information Center (CIC) is there which aims to provide internet facility and other technology services in the rural areas.


Grameenphone uses several promotional techniques that communicate the merit of the products. It promotes the brand and its services by displaying advertisements on internet, radio, TV, print media, newsletter. It succeeded in acquiring over 100 thousand customers in the first month, not only because of its excellent service but also because of its heavy promotional activities. Grameenphone has sponsored Bangladesh National Cricket Team and Bangladesh Special Olympics Team.

The company connects with the community by offering healthcare services to underprivileged people and emergency relief during natural disasters. There is an online school facility which provides education to children through video conferences. Grameenphone attracts the people by giving them prizes, refund offers, etc.