Google is American international technology corporation that provides Internet-related services which include a search engine, cloud computing, online advertising technology, hardware, and software. Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1998 founded Google. The marketing mix of Google is a powerful combination of a diverse product line, a proper pricing policy, and cost-effective promotions. The 4Ps in the marketing mix of Google is:


Google provides numerous facilities to its users as products. The search engine of Google is extensively used in all over the world as it gives fast results and specializes in technology. It provides advertising solutions through its several networks. Those organizations which are unable to provide the key to their search problems, Google delivers hardware and software to them.

It has services for work and productivity (Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets), cloud storage (Google Drive), email (Gmail), video chat (Duo/Hangouts), video streaming (YouTube), photo storage (Google Photos), navigation (Google Maps/Earth). It is responsible for the development of Android mobile OS. Google also made the partnership with companies and launched mobile phones, smartwatch, TV, cars, routers, speakers, headsets, etc.


Google uses various kinds of pricing policies to satisfy different varieties of products it offers. The firm adopts value-based pricing strategy for advertising program Ad-Words. Google earns a majority of the revenue from the advertisements. It provides some products for free like Gmail but sells add-ons features of it, e.g., premium version for businesses.

For some products, Google uses market-oriented pricing policy and provides those services on prices based on market conditions. On the other hand, it uses low pricing strategy and offers services at low rates to gain market share.


Google offers all of its services through the internet. As per current estimates, the number of searches Google make per day is almost 200 million. It is commanding in the world through 3 locations in Latin America, 5 in the Middle East, 14 in Asia, and 23 in Europe. Google uses the internet as a distribution network to reach its target customers. People can install and use its services and apps via the internet.

It also provides many regional languages option to its users. The team of Google collects data from all over the world and scrutinize it. Google has headquarters in Mountain View, California, the U.S. For its goods like smartphones or hardware, Google uses retailers as the main outlets to reach a large population. The company has made partnerships with Sun Micro Systems and has started a research project with NASA. These partnerships have brought immense success to both the firms.


Google has global popularity, so it engages itself in minimal promotional activities. To increase brand awareness, Google takes help of TV, print media, billboards, and radio. It is the most valued brand as it brings data from every part of the world and gives that to its customers on the very easy-to-use platform. The best services have helped Google in the immense growth caused by word-of-mouth publicity.