Goldilocks Bakeshop is a bakery chain operates and have franchises in the Philippines and worldwide. Milagros Leelin Yee, Clarita Leelin Go, and Doris Wilson Leelin founded Goldilocks in 1966. It sells a wide range of baked and fast food products. The marketing mix of Goldilocks is the way to make significant choices about how to execute a thriving marketing plan. The 4Ps in the marketing mix of Goldilocks are:


Goldilocks has a broad range of baked goods, sweets, and Philippine native products. It offers bread, desserts, chocolate products, muffins, salads, pastries, cakes, cookies, thirst quenchers, pasta, noodles, snacks, soupinoy, sarapinoy meals, etc. Various scrumptious items for breakfast are also available in the Goldilocks menu.
For different locations and customers, Goldilocks serves pork, beef, chicken, rice, vegetables, and seafood products. It makes customized greeting and premium cakes to make birthday parties and occasions sweeter. The company has delivery services for the customers with the name Padala and Go Delivery. There are Gtizen cards for Goldilocks’ elite members so that they can enjoy extra special perks and privileges.


Goldilocks is a top company in the Philippine bakery industry and, its products have a special place in everybody’s heart. It targets the customers belonging to different age and income groups. Goldilocks uses competitive pricing policy for its products. The baked goods and desserts are available in customer’s reach. The company makes sure that its products add more sweetness to everyone’s life. However, prices vary according to the exclusive products and their sizes. Goldilocks offers services to premium members and generates revenue from membership charges.


The first store of Goldilocks was opened on a 750 sq ft space and started with only ten employees. Later, Goldilocks decided to make it a global brand as a well-grown firm to serve the entire world. As per the estimates recorded in 2015, it has over 400 stores in the Philippines, 3 in Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver, and 12 in California. It expanded to other main cities including San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Sacramento, for a total of 22 U.S outlets.

Goldilocks has been providing products following Filipino tradition, continuing to delight customers in the Philippines and abroad. Recently, it has hit the market of Southeast Asian countries which include Hong Kong and Singapore. Besides, Goldilocks has received plenty of requests from the Middle-East to open stores there. Its products are available in convenience stores, grocery shops, restaurants, etc. The company has also introduced an efficient delivery system for the products. People can choose a product on a phone call or by visiting its official website.


Goldilocks connect with the people by displaying promotional advertisements of Filipino’s pride cuisines on digital mediums. It also keeps on upgrading packaging of the products to attract more customers. The company arranges cake decorating challenges in educational institutes and distributes various presents and cash prizes among the participants. It introduces several promotional deals on special occasions and provides an arrangement for events.

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