Godrej Industry is an Indian conglomerate that was founded in the year 1897 by Ardeshir Godrej and Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej. This group has headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India and operates in the sectors of consumer products, appliances, furniture, real estate, security, industrial engineering, and agricultural products. The marketing mix of Godrej is a combination of factors that a company uses to promote its product and services. The 4Ps in the marketing mix of Godrej are:


Being India’s largest conglomerate, Godrej Industries deals in various categories of products. Godrej provides animal feed and agrochemicals to support the agriculture which is the foundation of Indian economy. It has formed a special status for itself by introducing the safe system in India for the first time. Godrej sells high-tech appliances and builds property projects for commercial and residential use.

Godrej has made its mark in the market by providing durable products and having a well-planned framework. Godrej also deals in rechargeable and GP batteries, chargers and also provide software solutions to the IT industry. Its consumer products include food items, personal care products, baby care products, etc. The subsidiaries and affiliated companies of Godrej include Godrej Industries, Godrej Consumer Products, Godrej & Boyce, and Godrej Properties.


Godrej has an extensive business portfolio, so the prices are different for every sector. Its policy helps it in the market penetration and maintain demands in the market. Godrej has adopted value-added pricing strategy to keep its hold on the consumers. As exclusive items do not face any stiff competition, the company uses skimming pricing policy which keeps its high-class customers happy. For those who cannot spend money quickly, products come with reasonable prices. Godrej provides frequent discounts and offers on special occasions which attract customers and leads to an immense volume of sales.


The Godrej Group has both national and international existence in the industry. It is one of the most reputable holding groups in India and, its business has spread to more than 18 countries. The distribution network of Godrej is very efficient and broadly expanded in both rural and urban markets. It maintains a direct link with major Indian distributors through an innovative scheme called Sampark.

The distribution channel of Godrej consists of wholesalers, retailers, outlets, and customers. It has almost 1247 distributors linked with 142 super stockists and 3175 sub stockists. The products are available in malls, markets, showrooms, retail outlets, etc. Godrej sells its products online from its official website and through many other e-shopping platforms.


Godrej uses different promotional strategies to build a good relationship with its customers. The chief marketing activities include ads on TV, internet, magazines, newspapers, billboards, hoardings. Attractive and colorful packaging and catchy tunes play an integral part in the promotion of Godrej. The company has roped in big celebrities like M.S.Dhoni and Preity Zinta as its brand ambassadors. Godrej has shown involvement in various educational and CSR activities which helps it in building the trust among the people.

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