Ghari Detergent powder is an Indian product manufactured by Rohit Surfactants Private Limited (RSPL). In 1987, Bimal Kumar Gyanchandani and Muralidhar Gyanchandani founded this brand. It is one of the leading detergent brands in the industry. The marketing mix of Ghari Detergent is a tool that includes components which encourages the sale of the products. The 4Ps in the marketing mix of Ghari Detergent are:


Ghari Detergent powder is a brand for a mediocre person. The aim behind its production is to keep the clothes shining and free of stains at affordable rates. The Ghari Detergent gets formed with the specific parameters of the industry. It significantly resists against the shrinkage and moth and leaves a pleasant fragrance in the fabric.

This detergent gets wholly inspected before sending to the customer’s premises and, it contains no toxic elements. It is available in two variant forms: detergent cake and detergent powder. The cakes are available in the sizes of 95 gm, 190 gm, 340 gm, and the powders have sizes like 15gm, 90 gm, 210 gm, 500 gm, 1 kg, 3 kg. RSPL has also started using mobile tracking apps to take care of the sales activities.


Ghari Detergent adopted aggressive marketing strategy like other leading brands in the market. It uses the low-cost model which made laundry soap users switch to detergents. It sells products at low rates and targets at the rural, lower-middle-class, and middle-class consumers.

Ghari Detergent kept its prices above the mass brands such as Nirma but below the mass premium brands like Tide. The profit margin it offers to the dealers remains in between the premium and non-premium brands. Thus, the company creates strong dealer support which pushes the sales while keeping its prices low.


Initially, the company focused on Uttar Pradesh to start, having the population of 167 million which constitutes more than 12% of the country’s FMCG sales. The distribution network of Ghari Detergent has spread to numerous states and has the direct reach to rural markets. In the past few years, it has added ten states to its distribution reach and now, it consists of 21 manufacturing units.
Recently, it has entered south and west Indian regions where the extensive market opportunity lies. It has added more than 1000 dealers and has a total network of 3500. Its future target is to hit the market of 15 more regions (union territories and states). Further, it has plans to penetrate the rural market by co-operating with various NGOs.


Ghari Detergent targets ordinary people, so it avoids the endorsement to be done by celebrities. All ads have the same tagline Pehle istemal karen fir vishvas karen (Use it, then believe it) which prompts repeat purchase. It has launched promotional campaigns like Ghari Detergent Express, Pushpak Express, Swarna Jayanti Express which advertised the brand on the trains. The brand has also arranged exhibitions, roadside shows, and magic shows in various regions of India to create brand visibility.