Gardenia Bakeries KL Sdn Bhd (GBKL) is an international food manufacturing company, established in 1986 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. An American named Horatio Sye Slocumm having 35 years of baking experience founded this company. It has won numerous prestigious awards and is one of the leading bakeries in Malaysia now. The marketing mix of Gardenia includes significant aspects which define the image of the brand. The 4Ps in the marketing mix of Gardenia are:


Gardenia Bakeries started by the rolling the first bread off its line. Within few years, it became the bread market leader and, its product range grew and evolved. Gardenia now produces a vast variety of baked products to satisfy its consumers’ demands. It provides various kinds of bread such as white bread, low-fat bread, wholegrain bread, flavored bread, sandwich bread, cereal bread.

For children and teenagers, it offers Squiggles, Twiggies, Fluffy Buns, Quick Bites, etc. Gardenia has low-fat fiber meals for the senior citizens under the name FattreMeal which lowers cholesterol. It also sells a wide range of cereals, cream bread snacks, soft rolls, jams, waffles, ice, and creameries, etc. Gardenia produces toothsome and delectable food items which fill hunger and are full of healthy ingredients.


Gardenia Bakeries uses competition-based pricing policy when fixing prices of the bread. In this policy, prices get applied according to the competitors’ cost, marketing, and strategic offerings. It understands the market and uses market-oriented pricing strategy. The marketers set the prices based upon the results of market research. Gardenia sells products at lower prices than its competitors.


Gardenia Bakeries is a Malaysian company and, its products are available in every mini-market, supermarket, and hypermarket of Malaysia. The company makes fresh products in the factory, and then they get distributed to markets and shops without delay. The success of Gardenia’s sales is because of its value distribution system. The products are readily available to the people from the convenience stores, grocery shops, and markets.
As per a survey, Gardenia provides a catalog to its customers for product selection. The booking from this is helpful in those regions where there are no markets such as rural areas and villages. In those areas, Gardenia people ride motorcycles and sell its items in compliance with the shopkeepers. Gardenia is an associate company of Padiberas Nasional Berhad and operates through several subordinates in the Philippines and Singapore.


There are so many ways to promote the products and what Gardenia uses is advertising. It runs ads on various mediums like TV, radio, and print media. Gardenia also uses social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, blogs, and its official website for marketing.

By doing so, the company is getting the interest of people for purchasing its products. Gardenia runs various sales promotion campaigns in which free products get offered to the customers. For brand visibility, Gardenia uses public relation and shows involvement in charitable events. It is also associated with healthcare organizations and serves the community in many ways.

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