Fraser and Neave, Limited (F&N) is publishing & printing and food & beverage conglomerate based in Singapore. F&N is one of the most established companies in Asia with an excellent array of notable brands. The marketing mix of F&N consists of marketing tools which a firm uses to achieve its goal in the target market. The 4Ps in the marketing mix of F&N is:


F&N has built an extensive collection of brands which delivers innovative products of the highest quality to customers. It has brands which deal with food & beverage and printing & publishing. With slogan Pure Enjoyment. Pure Goodness, it sells carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks under various brands. In the dairy portfolio, F&N excels by offering products like yogurt, margarine, ice cream, UHT milk, evaporated milk, condensed milk, pasteurized milk, etc.

F&N through its brands maintains the task of publishing, printing, distribution, and retail. The brand publishes its work that ranges from magazines and digital platform to directories and books. In many countries, the company has a stronghold in educational publishing. It also provides print and distribution services of books from prestigious writers in various parts of the world. F&N is a leading retailer which makes book buying an unusual experience.


F&N uses multiple cost policies to hold its customers. Instead of competing for head-on against competitors’ pricing, the company sells some of its significant and daily use products like milk at low cost. The new items come at the same prices as the others in its category which attracts more customers to purchase them. It also earns an immense amount of profit when it offers the discount on goods during the festivals.


F&N has a wide distribution and retail network and employs more than 17,000 people. Its products are available in hypermarkets, supermarkets, and convenience stores for people’s ease. The products get served through vending machines at many locations. The company shows a strong presence in around 11 countries spanning Asia Pacific, USA, and Europe.

Its food items are available in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Myanmar, and Malaysia and, it’s printing and publishing service is available in Hong Kong, China, South Africa, Thailand, US, Chile, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore. The subsidiary of F&N, Frasers Centrepoint Limited (FCL), is a company that deals in property development and investment in various regions.


F&N uses multiple promotional techniques to convince its target customers. It arranges conferences and press releases to promote and spread its upcoming inventive services and plans. The company uses various advertising tools like TV, radio, and print media. It formed partnerships with multiple TV networks and offers promotional products during the festive season.

F&N stays connected with the community and takes care of their well-being. It invites senior citizens to its location where they play games and spend quality time together. F&N also distributes its products and goodies among the underprivileged people. By doing so, it not only serves the community but also develops a high reputation for the company.