In the 1940s, Ferrero got launched as a pastry shop but, later it introduced a diverse range of products. Ferrero Rocher is hazelnut chocolate and, got introduced in 1982 in Europe. The marketing mix of Ferrero Rocher gives analysis on the company. The 4Ps in the marketing mix of Ferrero Rocher are:


Ferrero Rocher is premium chocolate filled with praline. It is a luxurious product of the Ferrero Group. This chocolate is a ball having many layers. The first layer is a hazelnut chocolate ball which has a covering of thin wafer shell. Then, the other coating is of milk chocolate with bits of hazelnut on top of the casing.

The Ferrero Rocher chocolate has a wrapping of golden foil with its name written on top of it. This packaging has an instant consumer recognition and comes in various forms like Christmas tree shaped box, Easter egg, cubes, pyramids, etc. Numbers of the chocolates vary in different sizes of packs.


Ferrero Rocher is a premium product thus it uses premium pricing policy. Its rate is usually higher than the other companies including Nestle, Hershey, Lindt. The ingredients it contains hazelnuts and others are pricey and, they add cost to the item. Being elite chocolate, Ferrero Rocher does not give discounts on any of its packs.

People can get this chocolate at a comparatively low rate if ordered online. The cost varies as per the size of the box and number of chocolates in it. This chocolate is high-priced and is not available on average retail stores.


Ferrero Rocher is deluxe chocolate and, it is readily available in big malls, stores, and supermarkets where people from the high-class society comes. This chocolate is obtainable in the selected area where people can buy this prestige product. Only a few retailers sell this chocolate on their outlets in the upmarket. It is also available on e-commerce websites with exclusive discount deals.

This company has 22 manufacturing plants over the five continents and sell this chocolate in around 170 countries worldwide. It uses high-tech tools like Skep Forecasting and Infolog GE to manage its distribution system and, these tools are responsible for production, distribution, delivery, etc.


The company uses winning packaging to attract more customers. In the festive seasons, it sells packs in various sizes and shapes like during Easter, boxes have the form of Easter Bunny to convey the message or bell and pyramid shaped boxes during the Christmas. Thus, the Ferrero Rocher gets sold aggressively during the festive period as people consider it a sophisticated present.

This brand has separate pages on social media platforms for different countries where it focuses on every country’s festivals and adds the relevant post to them. One of the creative campaign Share the Magic was started to expand the role of the Ferrero Rocher in the society. It has sponsored the famous TV show, Desperate Housewives. The company also uses print media and billboards for its advertising.

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