Fair & Lovely is a skin-whitening cosmetic brand of Hindustan Unilever. In 1975, it got introduced in the Indian market. It targets the female and is made to provide protection and nourishment to the skin. Fair & Lovely is now available in Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and some other regions of Asia. The marketing mix of Fair & Lovely gives analysis on the brand. The 4Ps in the marketing mix of Fair & Lovely is:


Fair & Lovely gets recognized as a superb brand and, it uses the excellent technology for the skin lightening items. It brings innovative products and maintains its quality to remain on the top of the market. Fair & Lovely claims that it does not use any damaging substance or bleach in its products. The Oil Control Gel used in the Fair & Lovely items contain papaya as the main ingredient for skin shine. To protect from harmful sun rays, some of the products have watermelon essence which also makes a face fresh and healthy.

Some of the other significant components are Aloe Vera, Vitamin A & B3. Fair & Lovely has various products for women to enhance their beauty like Forever Glow, Winter Fairness Cream, Multivitamin Face Wash. It has also introduced products for men which are Max Fairness Cream and Face Wash. All of these products are harmless and approved by Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS).


The products of Fair & Lovely are in the market for a long time. They are used and found in almost every home irrespective of their income group. The target consumers of the company lie in the 18 or above age group. To regulate and determine its pricing strategy, Fair & Lovely takes many steps. There are questionnaires on its website through which the company gets help in understanding customers’ demands and requirements. Fair & Lovely has a special team which keeps on observing the rates of competitor’s products. Therefore, the flexible pricing policy is used by the company mainly focusing on the monetary condition of the industry. And, if they sell products at higher prices, then discounts are given to the consumers.


Fair & Lovely has proved that beauty plays a significant role in changing one’s fate. With strong customer support of about 200 million consumers, Fair & Lovely products are available in approximately 33 countries worldwide. Its head office is in Mumbai, India. Fair & Lovely products are readily available in every showroom, market, and local shops. It has consultation centers in major cities of India which give treatment programs to customers.


The marketing strategy of Fair & Lovely has been unique. The company opened a Foundation through which it helped underprivileged women. It uses print media, TV, billboards, banners to promote the brand. Online platforms provide different discounts on Fair & Lovely products to attract consumers. Many well-known celebrities have endorsed its products and, the ads have taken sales to the top level.

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