Etihad Airways is one of the top airlines of United Arab Emirates (UAE). It started operating in 2003 and, its head office is in Abu Dhabi. From the beginning, Etihad Airways is on the run to provide smooth and fast traveling and an incredible experience. The marketing mix of Etihad Airways gives analysis on the company which includes 4Ps. The 4Ps in the marketing mix of Etihad Airways are:


Etihad Airways is the 3rd best airline in the Middle-East. It is an international airline, having a unique range of services and products. Operating more than 1000 flights a week, Etihad offers the passengers with first-class, business, and standard seating arrangements. Passengers get services according to the segment they use. There are luxurious dining rooms and drinking lounge for first-class travelers. For others, there are comfortable seats and entertainment means.

Additionally, passengers get penthouse for living with a chef and butler. Other VA services include the hotel, extra accommodation, transport, insurance, and many more. Also, the airline provides passengers with shopping experience from exclusive brands.


Etihad Airways has adopted variable pricing policy and made over $100 million in 2015. Like its seats, the pricing policy comes in three groups. It has selected prime pricing policy for the first-class passengers because of the first-rate services. It uses semi-prime pricing policy for the business-class travelers. For the economy class, it uses standard pricing policy. This variable pricing strategy results in high revenues and a large number of ticket sales. To retain customer loyalty, Etihad Airways gives occasional discounts to the people.


Etihad Airways operates from its head office in Abu Dhabi. It offers passengers and cargo services in almost 120 destinations in six continents. These destinations include Asia, Europe, Middle East, America, Africa, and Australia. Some of the popular routes of Etihad Airways from Abu Dhabi are to Paris, Jeddah, London, Manchester, Manila, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Bangkok.

The distribution network of Etihad is very efficient and fast to provide better customer experience. There are tickets available on all main offices and branches. Customers get all relevant information from the official website and app of Etihad Airways. Many traveling agents provide tickets in every corner of the world. Buying tickets from these portals has made traveling problem-free.


Etihad Airways understands the importance of good publicity and uses several techniques for the marketing. The airline has an official website and mobile application for the ease of people. It provides periodic discounts through coupons to attract more people. On booking tickets online, low-priced tickets get offered to the passengers. The airline uses print media and TV for the advertisements.

Etihad serves the society by being involved in various causes and events. It has received the award for World’s Leading Airline twice. It is a sponsor of Melbourne City Football Club and a principal partner of Major League Soccer. Through its social media pages, the airline runs many promotional activities and distributes gifts and prizes to the participants.