Engro Foods is a Pakistani beverage and food company. It was founded in 2005 and is a subsidiary of Engro Corporation. The company manufactures and deals in the category of food, drinks, and dairy products. Located in the city of Karachi, it has won the hearts of millions of people because of its complete persistence to provide healthy, fresh, and tasty food products at reasonable prices to people. The marketing mix of Engro Foods covers all the aspects which are necessary to build an image of the company. The 4Ps in the marketing mix of Engro Foods are:


In the beginning, Engro Foods sold only milk but, later it considered the demands of its health-conscious consumers. The company expanded its product portfolio to provide more healthy and nutritious food items. Some of these products include milk, flavored milk, lassi, milk powder, cream, ghee. It sells milk in different forms including low-fat, full cream, etc., considering consumers’ different health needs.

Engro Foods sells a wide range of fruit nectars including apple, guava, mango, apricot, green-cocktail, orange, and red grape. The other items it sells are fats, butter, and frozen desserts in multiple sizes. Along with these products, Engro Foods sells frozen meet in international markets.


Engro Foods follows competitive pricing policy for its products. It considerately observes the market economy and receives feedback periodically which helps the company in fixing the cost. Also, Engro focuses on the market demand and sell products at comparatively low prices.

Engro Foods keeps the flexibility among the prices of the products and makes sure that it reaches the people belonging to different sections of the society. In few scenarios, the company uses premium pricing policy to provide competition to the international markets.


From the start, Engro Foods uses excellent supply-chain management to deliver the prime quality products in Pakistan. Its products are currently available in over 80 cities across Pakistan. This wide availability reflects the ambition of the company to become the best company in the market.

The distribution network of Engro Foods includes both direct and indirect channels. In the indirect mode of the company, food products are available in every outlet and store. While in the other channel, Engro Foods sells its products directly to the consumers. Engro owns dairy farms and plants in different regions of Pakistan for milk processing. Almost 350 distributors are working with the company. To extend its presence, Engro is on the way of buying international companies.


The marketing techniques of Engro Foods has brought great success to the company. It has made its product packaging quite catchy and arresting. It is also involved in shop branding activities. To elevate the publicity of the brand, Engro Foods has taken the help of newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, commercials, billboards, etc. The advertisements also get displayed on the automobiles including buses and trucks. Because of the aggressive marketing, the competition between Engro Foods and the other companies is getting very tough.

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