EasyJet Airline Company Ltd. is a British airline, founded in 1995 and headquartered at London Luton Airport. It is a low-cost airline and a subsidiary of EasyJet plc. It conducts national and international airline services on more than 820 routes in around 30 countries. EasyJet expanded itself by some acquisitions and operates more than 200 aircraft along with its associated companies. The marketing mix of EasyJet gives analysis on the company which includes 4Ps. The 4Ps in the marketing mix of EasyJet are:


In the beginning, people had to make reservations over the telephone. But later, the owner of EasyJet airline launched a website to let people make a real-time online booking. The airline offered people with cheap rates over online booking.

EasyJet provides its passengers with onboard and cabin services. They get a chance to purchase items of different brands and travel tickets. EasyJet gives flexibility to the frequent flyers and loyalty products are offered to the passengers. On EasyJet website, there are also car rental and hotel booking services. The airline has links with traveling agencies and, they give various touring packages to the passengers.


EasyJet is Europe’s most progressing low-cost airline with the defined pricing policy. The airline aims to make people fly at rates as low as possible. EasyJet has been on the internet for so long and used great tactics to survive. It worked on reducing travel expenses for the people and removed the third-parties. It sends tickets and boarding passes to the customers via e-mails or prints. EasyJet uses differential pricing and provides a variety of discounts to the travelers.


Since the internet has a global reach, people can now use an online system to do different tasks. EasyJet provides this facility where people can book online tickets from its website. Wherever there is the internet, EasyJet’s website is accessible. Those who cannot go to the airport to book tickets avail this brilliant chance. People find it so convenient and reliable as their individual needs get considered. By this technology, the services have become more efficient and, booking of tickets is just one click away. Apart from the internet booking, EasyJet also makes booking through the travel agents or at the airport.


The promotional techniques of EasyJet are unique and, it took the advertising to the next level. It painted EasyJet’s telephone booking number and website’s link on the aircraft so that everyone can easily contact them. The airline has also made use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) method. Every search engine and travel agencies offer EasyJet’s website link. It is one of the significant ways to promote and sell the services.
EasyJet is on the top position among Europe’s low-cost carriers. Some of its catchy slogans like The Web’s Favorite Airline, To Fly, To Save and Come on, let’s fly have also made the airline popular among the people. EasyJet was the part of the TV series, Airlines and was promoted by this series worldwide

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