An American coffeehouse and doughnut company, Dunkin’ Donuts, was founded in the year 1950. Its parent company is Dunkin’ Brands and has headquarters in Massachusetts, the U.S. It is one of the world’s top baked confectionaries and coffee chains, serving in more than 36 countries. The marketing mix of Dunkin’ Donuts refers to the steps it uses to promote the entire product range. The 4Ps defines the marketing mix of Dunkin’ Donuts.

The 4Ps in the Marketing Mix of Dunkin’ Donuts are:


As the name suggests, the company sells various types of doughnuts, but this product contributes only by 8% to the total sales. By the time, Dunkin’ Donuts widened its product range and started selling other baked goods like muffins, munchkins, cookies, bagels, etc. Customers come from far and wide to have its exceptional coffee Double Brewed. The company includes over 1000 food items in its menu globally.

The menu changes time by time to suit the climate and geographical needs. It sells different kinds of drinks including coffee, hot chocolate, tea, iced tea, latte, fresh juices, smoothies, etc. The company is also famous for its flavorful sandwiches among its customers. Dunkin’ Donuts sells fresh, tasty, and healthy food items and attracts a large number of consumers.


To maintain a loyal customer base, Dunkin’ Donuts used global pricing policy. The company wanted people to get products from its outlets at reasonable rates. Fresh items at affordable prices made easy even for an average person to buy without worrying about the expenses. The pricing policy of the companies varies according to the countries. Coupons and discounts on selected items also bring considerable profit. Dunkin’ Donuts aims to sell quality products and services to its customers at lower prices than others.


Dunkin’ Donuts has its outlets in various parts of the world at the most common locations where people easily can get its products. Nearly, 11000 outlets are available of Dunkin’ Donuts worldwide to provide fresh eatables. The company has now opened its outlets in Brazil, China, and India.

Some of the outlets opened in gas stations, airports, food courts, malls, supermarkets, and stores attract a large customer base. Fresh and healthy products are sent directly to these outlets in every 24 hours. After that, the food items get sold to the customers.


The logo of the brand with bright-colored coffee cup has made it extraordinary. Dunkin’ Donuts has used print media like newspapers and magazines for its advertisements. It has also used radio and television to become famous among the masses. Some of its catchy taglines like ‘America runs on Dunkin’, You’re Dunkin’, and ‘Time to make the Donuts’ have played well for the company’s promotion.

The company has promoted its product line by hiring top celebrities as the brand ambassadors. The fans of Dunkin’ Donuts are behind the success of its promotional strategy and, it stays in touch with its customers through social media platforms including Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

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