Dove is a personal care company and a subsidiary of Unilever. It belongs to the FMCG section and, launched in the UK in 1955. Dove targets men and women of different age groups and, they look at this brand as a high-end brand. It is considered as the most trusted company and is selling the best personal care products in over 80 countries. The marketing mix of Dove refers to the tactics it has used to promote the products. The 4Ps will generally make up and define the marketing mix of Dove

The 4Ps in the Marketing Mix of Dove are:


Dove provides a wide range of high-quality products. These products come in the category of hair care, skin care, antiperspirants, and bathing & washing. Dove soaps are best known for their softening and moisturizing effect and, for this reason, it’s soaps are called beauty bars.

Dove keeps on introducing new products time by time. To give an excellent spa experience and hair care at one place, Dove launched the Dove DermaSpa in European countries. It has also launched men’s toiletries in 2010 with the name of Dove Men + Care. Further, Dove started selling baby care products ranging from baby lotions to wipes and creams.


Initially, the products of Dove were premium priced and was aiming at high and upper-class customers. However, due to low demand, Dove reduced the rates of its products. Dove uses the value-added pricing strategy for its product range. It provides products to the customers at moderately high charges than its competitors. But, because of the high quality and attributes, the demand of Dove’s products is very high.


Dove is a global brand, manufacturing and selling its products in several countries like South Africa, United States, China, Germany, Australia, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Canada, Ireland, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands, Argentina, Israel, Ireland, Philippines, Thailand, etc. The company sells its products using the efficient distribution channel of its parent company, Unilever.

Products go from manufacturers to the retailers and then to the customers. Dove products are available to the customers in supermarkets, general stores, retail stores, malls, and hypermarkets. People can also buy its products from the online stores. Almost 2500 stockists are responsible for selling Dove products to customers at the retail stores.


Dove has focused on the perfect image to which people aspire to use its products. It has brought strong brand awareness using different promotional strategies. Dove adopted exceptional marketing policy and focused on the self-esteem of women through its campaign Campaign for real beauty. It celebrated diversity, made everyone feel beautiful, and selected ordinary women as the brand ambassadors so that the consumers can relate themselves.

Through its motivational advertisements on different platforms, Dove boosts the confidence of women and spreads positivity. The company promoted its product range using print media like billboards, magazines, and newspapers. Dove has also shown its presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and connects with its fans.