The “Walt Disney Company” is common with the name Disney, as it is the mass multinational entertainment and media organization. Its headquarter is in Burbank- California. It is the second largest company in media industry across the globe in terms of its revenue, as Comcast is the first. It was founded by the two brothers as the animation company, but later diversified the work among theme parks, live action cartoon and film production, and television. Later, it also entered in the business of the online media, music and radio industry. There are many channels running under the brand name of Disney such as Disney channel, A+E network and freeform. There are 14 total theme parks licensed under Walt Disney name across the globe. It is the most famous and largest studio in American cinema (Disney, 2018).

Products of the Marketing Mix of Disney

Walt Disney has three main products. First one is the production company that is involves in the production of cartoons and movies with the stellar characters, such as Minnie and mickey mouse, Donald Duck etc. It also produces different movies such as Alladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and many others. The production house mainly drives magic, which is why it is considered as the magical fantasy world, and attracts consumers to be the lifetime followers of the Disney. Second product is the Disneyland, which is considered as the most profitable theme parks across the globe. There are all such rides, and characters that are shown in the movies and people can actually experience the magic world. The third one is the Disney store, which sells all the Disney products like watches, clothing, accessories, etc (Disney, 2018).

Price of the Marketing Mix of Disney

Walt Disney targets mainly the middle class segment, and set the pricing strategy in such a way that is affordable for the mass population, as it deals with the quantity rather than high prices and few customers. However, its pricing policy in marketing mix is highly dependent on various types of services and products it is offering and providing. Tickets of theme parks and toys are very affordable, while the products of the broadcasting and movies are very much capital intensive. Their main objective is to attract and bring all parents with their kids to experience a magic world and services offered by Disney. Hence, it needs to set the prices for making the objective achievable. Disney also follows the seasonal pricing strategy, which reflects on the prices of the products on the season basis. Tickets are easily affordable and many people visit the theme parks regularly. It provide the experience which is very different from the competitors (MBA skool, 2018).

Place of the Marketing Mix of Disney

Disney outlets and stores are present all around the world, mostly in the shopping centers and large malls. The locations are decided by keeping every strategic point into consideration and hence must be clearly visible to the people. Its theme parks are also present in multiple places of the world. These parks and resorts also have stores that allow the flexibility to families for buying any Disney merchandise. These resorts and parks are the largest business and revenue segment for the Disney Company. it also introduces the “Disney Cruise Line” which is comprise of 4 ships; Disney Dream, Disney Magic, Disney Fantasy and Disney Wonder. However, 2 more ships are set to introduce in 2023. Disney University provides the training to the staff and employees working in the company, parks, resorts etc. It also introduced the course “Disney Traditions” to train the employees about the guest services (Bhasin, 2017). 

Promotion of the Marketing Mix of Disney

Walt Disney’s promotional campaigns are mainly very holistic. The movies and the parks rarely require any push, because people wait eagerly for any Disney Movie and plan properly for their visits to the Disneyland. All the promotion is done internally. Different packages and tours are arranged for the promotion so that it will be easier for people to visit the Disneyland. Different media channels promote the Disney movies. Disney also owns its own channel to make the promotion easy. Retail stores and e-commerce sites helps in promoting the merchandising stuff (Bhasin, 2017).


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