Dettol is the most trusted brand of the Reckitt Benckiser. It is present in many countries around the world; however its south eastern region is situated in India. Dettol is famous as the most hygienic product, as its tagline also describes it well “be 100% sure”. National Medical Association-NMA has approved and recommended all the antiseptic items for the customer use. Under the great brand name “Dettol”, there are many other products, which have been introduced. In consumer mind, Dettol is positioned as the positive emotions to keep the family healthy and safe from germs and injuries. This brand is considered as the champion who maintain the quality and uniqueness and so has been successfully achieved the consumer’s loyalty. Few of the main rivals are lifebuoy, savlon, safeguard etc (Dettol, 2018).

Products of the Marketing Mix of Dettol

Dettol also satisfies the needs and wants of the consumers through providing help in protecting the families from the germs and worsening the injuries, anywhere. Products of Dettols target the children and women group. It has promised to provide the products free from germs, dirt and bacteria and appreciate everyone to use it. The trust, which Dettol command is the proof that consumers have already accepted the products with alacrity. For satisfying the consumers, it has introduced the broad product range. Some of the main products are; Dettol hand wash which is categorized in original, sensitive and skincare, No touch hand wash, Dettol Soap is to protect the balance among health and beauty, hand sanitizer, antiseptic liquid as disinfectant for cuts, laundry or wounds, body wash for women and men, shaving creams, medical plasters, kitchen products like slab gel and kitchen dish was, and 4 in 1 all purpose cleaner (Dettol, 2018).

Price of the Marketing Mix of Dettol

Dettol mainly uses the varied pricing technique for its marketing mix. The prices of products are set competitively but slightly higher than the competitor’s brands such as Lifebuoy, or Savlon. As its products are easily available everywhere with many variants and depends on the specific uses such as hospital, home and clinic use, it naturally deploys the pricing of the product line by setting the different price levels for every single variants. Few of the variants are available of Dettol antiseptic liquid in PKR 3000 and some are for PKR 100. In the wash and liquid segment, captive pricing is very common and priced low, while the refills are slightly marked up. Many of the products like soaps are bundled in the pack of 6 encouraging some discount offers on buying a bundle. It also uses optional feature pricing, as the base prices are set for the standard items, but the variants that have different smell or features are priced differently (MbaSkool, 2018).

Place of the Marketing Mix of Dettol

Dettol has the excellent distribution network all around the world. As mentioned in the annual report of Reckitt Benckiser, the brand line of Dettol is sold in more than 120 countries. It has divided the countries among two main groups on the basis of places and consumer behavior by keeping in view the marketing strategies in every region. One group is called as ENA region that carries North America, New Zealand and Europe in it. The other one is DvM that include African, South American and Asian countries. The DvM brings almost 31% of the revenue. It made sure about the availability of the Dettol in every outlet such as retail shops, supermarkets, and also medical shops. The distribution channel has adopted the normal traditional sales technique where products are made available to the distributors and then to retailers and wholesalers (Bhasin, 2018).

Promotion of the Marketing Mix of Dettol

The major target of the brand Dettol is middle class segment and the rural markets as the products are captivated the urban markets. The special emphasis has been laid on the female section, mainly because the middle class families women mostly take the decisions of household and thus they are considered as decision makers. To target them will help the brand in increasing the sales and revenue. It promotes the brand through both ATL and BTL strategies. It also offers some sales promotion discounts and bulk discounts to increase the sale volume (MBA kool, 2018)


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