Dabur is considered as one of the largest companies across India, which deals in the product category of Ayurvedic for nature. It is famous for its natural and organic products, as its all product range is based on the herbs. It worked hard in positioning itself in the consumer minds as the good and qualitative brand, and associated itself with trust. It is successful in making itself as the household name. Dabur is operating and producing 250 items under one umbrella. It has outlets across the globe such as Africa, United States, Europe, SAARC countries, Middle East countries, and Russia (Dabur, 2018).

Products of the Marketing Mix of Dabur

Dabur has devoted itself in offering the products to consumers which are of good quality and organic. Its objective is to provide items that are healthy for people. And hence, it deals in broad categories such as oral care, skin care, hair care, health care, food products and home-care products. Its wide product range is provided across the globe.
Hair care; Vatika and Dabur Amla are the famous brands in this, and produce shampoo replacement, hair cream, hair oils, conditioners, shampoo, hair tonic etc.
Skin care; Fem and Jacqueline, DermoViva USA are the known brands, which offer face wash, scrubs, masks, sun care etc.
Oral care; Dabur Miswak and Dabur Herbal are the main brands for this category, which offer toothpastes of all ranges like gel, classic, new ingredient etc.
Baby care; Dermo Viva baby is the brand, which offer body lotions, hair oils, soaps, massage oild, baby wipes etc. (Dabur, 2018).

Price of the Marketing Mix of Dabur

Dabur makes sure to hire the special and well-trained staff of professionals and teams who can scrutinize the changing trend and perception of market. They make the regular and systematic evaluation of the own products, along with the competitor’s items. After evaluating every aspect very keenly, Dabur determine and implement its pricing strategy. As it is the brand of natural and organic products, compromising on the quality is not its part, and so it try to keep the prices low with the minimum profit. Its objective is not to earn profit, but to make people use its products for their own health benefits. It clearly made sure and understands the fact that pricing strategy involves the reaction of the consumers, and hence, it also offers some good discounts and scheme on its products, so that people can easily buy it. It makes sure that its prices are lower than the competitors, because it wanted to be more economical for every segment of the consumer (Bhasin, 2017).

Place of the Marketing Mix of Dabur

As being one of the largest and leading FMCG company of India, its main aim is to make the products available in every outlets for the ease and convenience of the people. It also ensures that there must not be any stock out, or else this will effect on sales. Shelf space is the major concern for the product visibility. As being in this industry from many years, it has developed some extensive network of the distribution channels. It is greatly dependent on the manufacturing plant, retailers and distributors. Its distribution is not only limited to India, but across the world. Dabur is also engaged in exporting activities, and the main countries for this are Bangladesh, Dubai, UK, Nigeria, US, Nepal, and Egypt, and have some overseas offices for managing the distribution network (MBAskool, 2018).

Promotion of the Marketing Mix of Dabur

Dabur is the FMCG Company and needs immense promotional strategies for communicating with the consumers. It usually does the major promotions through advertisements in television. All the famous celebrities endorse its products, like Amitabh Bachan, Sonakshi Sinha, Salman Khan and many others, as this helps in increasing the sales volume. It also use billboards and hoardings for reminding purpose and creating awareness among people who are not aware about the brands. It also use print and electronic media, as now the wide range of consumers prefer electronic media and channels for communicating with brands. It also offers sales promotions, and discounts, to attract more consumers and be in the competition (Bhasin, 2017).


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