D-Mart is the private company, operating in the retailing industry, and is successful in making the prominent presence in the industry. It was introduced in May, 2002, and since then, faced numerous challenges and tough competition. It is the chain of hypermarkets and supermarkets developed in India.  The purpose of designing it was to provide the convenience and ease to maximum number of customers and offers the wide variety of choices and option in reasonable rates. Its strong competitors are Reliance Fresh and Big Bazar, but the effective use of marketing mix tool helps the company in growing, expanding and surviving in the industry (DMart, 2018).

Products of the Marketing Mix of D-Mart

D-Mart is the one stop retail outlet, which offers the broad range multiple choices in personal and home products for the consumers. D-Mart believes in the mass commodity, that is why, all the products in different colors and sizes are available. All the apparels and products are displayed systematically according to the sizes. Offer price, retail price and actual discount are written on tags for customer convenience. Outlet’s area is divided with the product category for customer ease. Every D-Mart has the following items in its product portfolio;

• Food items
• Apparels for men, women and kids.
• Grocery items
• Personal care and beauty products
• Kitchenware
• Games and toys for children
• Home appliances
• Bath and bed linen
• Luggage bags
• Footwear
• Daily essentials (D-Mart, 2018).

Place of the Marketing Mix of D-Mart

D-Mart is present in almost all major cities of India such as Rajkot, Surat, Ahmedabad, Bhuj, Gujrat, Hyderabad, Tirupathi, Bangalore, Kohlapur, and Mumbai. The mart is successful in providing the products with the help of huge network of about 110 stores. It has developed its stores by considering all strategies to be able to gain the maximum benefits from the location due to ease, convenience, and availability and transportation facility. Providing exceptional services are not the major factor for these outlets. It has trained and reliable staffs for helping consumers at times of need, but now a day, customers are well self-sufficient and need space to pick things by themselves from different shelves, and gathering all in a trolley and then proceed to billing counters (Bhasin, 2017).

Price of the Marketing Mix of D-Mart

D-Mart is the chain of hypermarkets and super markets and thus, believes in economic and levying pricing policies for the products. It has considered the low cost approach for targeting the price sensitive groups of consumers. Its mantra is the mass merchandise, which helps it in keeping the rates low or reasonable, so that everyone can purchase it easily. It kept its strategies simple for garnering the mass volume of sales via reasonable prices. It sets the price range by prioritizing the customers, as customers are consider as always right. D-Mart also offers the minimum discount of 5% on the MRP at any offered time period on all the products except grocery, fruits, medicines and vegetables. It has also adopted the discounted pricing strategy to attract more consumers and keep offering incentives and deals periodically to consumers and also some lucrative discounts especially in the festival seasons. Consumers usually buy more or in bulk volume during the festival seasons, which results in increase in the sales volume. This is the major reason of increase in the store’s revenue (Kamath, 2013; DMart, 2018).

Promotion of the Marketing Mix of D-Mart

D-Mart is known as one of the leading and largest multi-brands stores or retail chains in India, and for maintaining the leading position in the competitive industry; it needs to adopt the hyper promotional and marketing activities to stay connected with the target segment. D-Mart offers the gift coupons for rewarding the employees and for boosting the sales in certain time, coupons are given to consumers, for availing the benefits on the purchase of certain quantity or money value. Numerous discounts are offered in the festive seasons, like 10% off on all the Cadbury products during the Raksha Bandhan. It also involves in creating the brands visibility and awareness through billboards and hoardings. Latest discount, schemes and offers can be easily be seen in the newspapers and news (Bhasin, 2017).


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