Colgate is very old international brand. It started its broad product range with starch, soaps and candles, but currently, it is associated and operating in the oral care such as mouthwash and toothpaste. The company is successful in offering its products in over 200 countries across the globe, and occupies the leading position in different countries. Colgate is successful in making its name in household area, which helps in fighting with bad breath and germs for continuing a complete oral care. Colgate has gained the trust of millions of consumers through providing the good quality products in most affordable prices. It continued to grow, after facing immense competition from rivals, but they took it positively and improve themselves (Colgate, 2018).

Product of the Marketing Mix of Colgate

Colgate is the brand which deals in different products in hygiene and oral care. Its products have different variants to satisfy the need of every single person, and genre. It introduced its special product range for kids, which includes the Colgate toothbrush along with soft bristles that are reachable to every corner and nook of mouth and fight with germs and decay. Its mouthwash and toothpowder are common, as they both are targeting different segments. Its toothpaste comprises of thirteen variants available in market. Some of them are;

• Colgate Total
• Colgate two in one Icy Blast
• Colgate Regular
• Colgate Active Salt
• Colgate Total Advance Whitening
• Colgate two in one kids strawberry
• Colgate two in one oxygen whitening
• Colgate Tartar control toothpaste
• Colgate Advanced fresh gel (Colgate, 2018).

Place of the Marketing Mix of Colgate

Colgate always encouraged the strategy, which is different and unique, for standing out in the competitive market. This also helps Colgate in developing the strong customer base and maintains the current consumers’ interest in the products. Its distribution network includes a manufacturer, a wholesaler who quickly receives the product once it dispatched, and then sends to retailers for selling it to the final consumers. Its marketing strategy is more focused towards easy availability and quick delivery of the products to the consumers. It also deals with the dental association, which helps in marketing and promoting the brand. Many medical stores and dentists are now become the suppliers of the products along with departmental stores, local retailers, co-operative stores and general stores. Its products are easily available in semi urban, urban and rural markets. It also started its official website to get along in the online shopping world and connect to consumers more closely. This made it easier for the consumers to easily shop the things they need and more conveniently (Bhasin, 2018).

Price of the Marketing Mix of Colgate

Colgate’s toothpaste is the mainstream products and hence, the brand has linked its oral care and hygiene products all around it. It mainly uses the competitive pricing strategy for combating the different customers. It product are almost of same price range or more or less higher than the competitor’s one. Colgate basically plays with the consumer psychology for its benefits and portrays the fact of far-reaching effects and longer duration of its products. As the product or brand is recommended by many doctors too, additional cost are not a big deal and consumers do not feel burdened in paying more. For meeting the demand of different segments of consumers, its prices vary accordingly.  For example, Max fresh toothpaste has low price than Visible white toothpaste, because the later provides the extra whitening with the oral-care regime. For maintaining the consumer base, prices are set in the most efficient way so that consumers do not feel the product expensive (MBA skool, 2018).

Promotion of the Marketing Mix of Colgate

For meeting the wants and needs of the consumers effectively, Colgate has to opt for the creative schemes and some attractive packaging ideas. Red is the standard color of the brand, and now mostly recognizable with this color. They have gained huge benefits because of this in the store-arrangement. To promote the sales of the products, Colgate has encouraged many advertising policies, through digital media, television, radio, print media etc. it used billboards, hoardings, newspapers, thus every channel for being connected to consumers. It endorsed many famous celebrities also to catch the attention of consumers (Bhasin, 2018).


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