One of the leading and biggest coffee chain in the world is the Café Coffee day, which has many products that is appealing for the Indian consumers and very reasonable rates, that are affordable for the public. It targets the upper middle-class of the Indian region. It always involves in amazing promotional activities and own many retail outlets, and still working hard to grow more in India (Café Coffee day, 2018). Here is the detail analysis of the marketing mix tool used by CCD;

Products of Marketing Mix of CCD

CCD- Café Coffee Day has brought a good product range and variety that attracts the snack and coffee lovers in India. The products and menu have decided the Indian taste for it- be it coffee or food. Many of the snacks and other eatable items are selected for meeting the demand and Indian taste such as biryani, samosa, tikka sandwich, masala sandwich and many other things. Thus, they worked hard to adopt the Indian taste with some fusion with classic coffee. In summer, its best and most selling product is the frappe that is ice-cream and coffee blended together, which is refreshing for the scorching heat of summers. Young customers prefer this very much. But in winter, the preference shifts to cappuccino, as its hot and perfect for the cold air. Its merchandising involves the funky and causal stuff such as caps, t-shirts, etc(MBA skool, 2018).

Price of Marketing Mix of CCD

Café Coffee day-CCD sets its prices according to the division; lounge and square has premium pricing and café used competitive pricing strategy. It basically follows the value-based pricing technique by offering every product in different quantities, for example regular, medium and large. It also offers the service of adding extra ingredients or item such as extra cream or sauce, and charges on the premium range. Thus, the pricing technique is not very tough, instead quite flexible and varies according to the target segments such as corporate employees and students. It knows that most of its customers belong to the age from 15 to 29 and so it sets its prices to satisfy all of them. The coffee cup price ranges between Rs.45 to 80. From the time of its first operation, minor changes were made in the price list. Such changes were mostly because of the government taxes (Bhasin, 2017).

Place of Marketing Mix of CCD

CCD- Café Coffee Day has more than 1530 retail outlets across the India, and operates from previous several years. Also, because of the acquisition, it is present and operates in other countries such as Austria, Malaysia and Czech Republic. It operates and opens its stores in the strategic locations, mostly where there are more foot falls such as busy streets, or shopping malls. It maintains all three types of stores such as CCD lounge, CCD square and CCD stores. The CCD stores is mostly for the majority of the segment who loves to enjoy food, coffee and want to spend some time with their family or friends, and lounges are mostly for the niche segment. The premium outlets have the main objective to entertain the coffee connoisseurs who likes to pay for the premium for good coffee cup. However, square stores sell several other form of single origin coffee of different countries. It has a good menu which includes different cuisine of different countries. It also provides the Wi-Fi facility, valet parking and presentation screens that attract the upper class or corporate sector (MBA skool, 2018).

Promotion of Marketing Mix of CCD

CCD-Café Coffee day is dramatically involve in almost every areas of the serious customer passion, such as;

Television- CCD held the contest around the most famous program of the ZEE English “Friends”. All six main leading character were shown in the café, and visiting the place often. It also collaborated with different channels like “Get Gorgeous Contest”.
Association and links with movies- CCD is mostly shown in the movies like Main Hoon na and Khakhee.

it also tried to tie-up with many youth brands, to attract youth. Like it had the contest with the Levis, Scooty, Airtel and Liril.
Sales promotion- It uses the special “Café citizen card” to give reward to the customers, like a loyalty card (Bhasin, 2017).


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