Cadbury is the multinational confectionary of British that is entirely owned by American Mondelez International Company. This is the brand, which is the second largest brand, as the first is Wrigley. Cadbury is mainly famous because of the product in chocolate segment, Dairy milk, as it is famous in all over the world. Cadbury was the very small project, and gradually it expanded, and become successful across the world. It targets the broad customer base, and is present in all the seven continents (Cadbury, 2018).

Products of Marketing Mix of Cadbury

Cadbury has the strong product line and portfolio, which could easily amaze the consumers and people, after knowing the markets and varieties of the products Cadbury is supplying. The company may have one or two cash cow products, but it owns many major products which are consider as lions of the market, and become the reason of the major market share. Some of the lions are Dairy milk, Perk, Five star, Bournville, éclairs, and in biscuits it has Oreo. In the beverages, it has Bournvita that again is the market leader in the industry of milk additives. Halls is used as mouth freshener and also as the remedy for cold across Asia. Cadbury is leading the chocolate industry because of its strong product line. Because of its items, Cadbury is the market leader in the chocolate world, and is currently present in all the seven continents of the world. The other products of Cadbury are;
• Bars
• Bags and Boxes
• Show bags
• Beverages
• Cooking
• Biscuits
• Ice creams
• Spreads
• Desserts and many other things (Cadbury, 2018).

Price of Marketing Mix of Cadbury

With the objective of quality comes first and then price, Cadbury makes sure about the high quality of the product, such as beverages, biscuits and chocolates. However, Oreo and beverages are remain constantly top for the marketing purpose, and hence the prices are also set high in many cases, but some products are very reasonable. Items such as five star, éclairs and perk provide the same taste of Cadbury in the lowest prices. However, dairy milk is known as premium brand because of the positioning, due to lower prices, it is still accepted by all the consumers of the target segments. Cadbury has broad range of products and every segment of the product is priced differently, dependent on the target market. But in all of this, Dairy milk has won the battle, as its prices are set according to the variants, and own the position of the gifting purpose and selling in the volumes with high prices (Bhasin, 2017).

Place of Marketing Mix of Cadbury

The products of Cadbury are available across the globe, almost in every country. Cadbury made such a massive impact in global market with the help of its distribution channel. It constantly ensures that its products are available everywhere and must be easily available for catering the huge customer base. Almost every product is available in both rural and urban areas. The availability, easy access and affordability has increased the profits and revenue for the company to great extent. Cadbury has targeted every super mart, hyper mart, and local stores for its products. It produces different products for different segment and because of this it needs to continuously make sure about the delivery and scheduling times (Bhasin, 2017).

Promotion of Marketing Mix of Cadbury

Cadbury has the broad range of techniques and approaches for promoting itself. Mainly, it uses the television as the medium of communicating with the customers, newspapers, radio and digital media. The company strives hard to reach its products to the target audience and create awareness among them. It uses different taglines and slogans that are associates with the different of Cadbury brands. In Pakistan, it uses “Kuch meetha hojae”, and linked the product with family, as promoting the product with the emotional theme. Again, for Beverages like Bourville, the company used the tagline “you earn it”. Different brand ambassadors are appointed for different products for creating the different image among target consumers. Cadbury does not leave any stone for promoting itself (Mba Skool, 2018).


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