The largest airway of the United Kingdom is the British Airways in terms of the flights to international destination and fleet size. In terms of the carrying passengers, British Airways rank amongst second. It’s headquarter is in Heathrow Airport, London. For maintaining the position of the market leader and market share in the Airways industry, it needs to maintain the high standards and quality of its services. It provides the 24/7 security services and customer services for handling and controlling the situation in the proper manner. Its service quality has been helped by the British Airways for defining themselves as “Quality flights for all people” (British Airways, 2018).

Products of Marketing Mix of British Airways

British Airways offers the best services and has excellent product line for satisfying the wants and needs of the customers. Its fleet size is over 295, which provide the first class services for the patrons. It makes sure that all the customer requirements are satisfied and they must be provided with the good quality. First of all, it offers affordable prices for the flight tickets for satisfying the flying wants of flying to any destination. Secondly, British Airways is connected with many busiest airports across the globe, and it gives the excellent flight scheduled to all the destinations. It also offers the best customer and flight services in form of comfortable seats which are allocated, fresh and hot meals, entertainment, drinks and many other things on board. The consumers go through different magazines, movies, television programs and radio channels for being entertained in flight. They also offer executive lounges, which are found around the different airports of the world, where they spend quality time, eat and relax themselves (British Airways, 2018).

Place of Marketing Mix of British Airways

British Airways understand the importance of the British Airways and use the tool wisely in the marketing strategy. British Airways is always dedicated for the liaisons and mergers with many significant destinations of world. As headquarter is in United Kingdom, British Airways have mostly its daily activities in and its operation and function base. Airways have successfully upgrades and developed the infrastructure for conducting the proper and safe activities. It has also collaborated with many airport authorities to carry the activities of the business successfully. It has its own warehouses for the carrier objectives and for servicing the aircrafts (Bhasin, 2017).

Price of Marketing Mix of British Airways

The pricing policy of the British Airways has been kept intelligently, so that every class of consumer will be able to avail the services. It also worked hard to maintain the pricing policy equivalent to the service value it provides to customers. The company’s strategy considers the consumers as the dominant power, and the decision maker, as they are the one who decide the total amount to be spent. Any consumer can buy the ticket at the base rates without any additional value or benefits, or can also choose different services which he wants.  The economy pricing approach is set for the people who need low-priced tickets. The medium-value pricing is for consumers who need some extra benefits and premium pricing is set for consumers who want high-class extra benefits by airlines. It needs to maintain the revenue, high standards and position in the competitive environment (Dudovskiy, 2016). 

Promotion of Marketing Mix of British Airways

Considerable innovation and technology is used for maintaining and creating the promotional and marketing strategies. For keeping the communicative channels open with the consumers, many different strategies are formed. It created the mobile application, which was developed for special airline consumers to allow them for making reservation easily and getting the fringe benefits. For promoting the services provided by the airline, internet is greatly used with the purpose of attracting techno-savvy consumers, which save the time in booking the tickets. As the part of the promotional strategy, the British Airways also provide the special tickets at most affordable prices for any occasions. For example, “Christmas gift vouchers” named tickers are the part of the scheme, where consumers travel to the specific places in discounted price (MBA skool, 2018).


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