Britannia Industry Limited- BIL is the market leader of the biscuit and bakery in Indian market, and its marketing mix discusses its multiple strategies for achieving this position. It is established in 1918, secured itself in the highly competitive market and steadily grown as one of a heavyweight company in India. It has broad product portfolio, which includes Good day, 50:50, Marie gold and tiger. It was the first company in East who used imported ovens, because of which it was able to maintain its position and brand as the reliable in terms of quality (Britannia, 2018).

Products in Marketing Mix of Britannia

Britannia offers the broad range of edible product. Its bakeries are located in different areas of India, which ensured the continuous supply of fresh products. Initially it distributed biscuits made from other small ventures and now Britannia has release its own products. Its main products are cakes, biscuits, dairy products, rusk and bread. Britannia has continued to launch its steady flow of different products such as dairy products or fruit bread, 50:50 and many others. However, 90% of the revenue is earned from the biscuit production. The total factory capacity of Britannia is approximately 433,000 tons annually. It has been noticed that in 2006, its brand Tiger had the total sales of about $150 million. Its current revenue is about Rs 22 billion, and almost 9/10 is earned from the sales of biscuits. Its most famous biscuits are;
• Britannia Good-day
• Britannia tiger
• Britannia treat
• Britannia nice-time
• Britannia 50:50
• Little hearts
• Bourbon
• Britannia Marie
• Britannia bakery and bread products
• Veg cakes
• Britannia dairy-products such as Cheese, ghee, butter, etc
• Britannia nutri choice broad variety of products (Britannia, 2018).

Price in Marketing Mix of Britannia

Britannia uses only one pricing strategy, which is competitive pricing. Britannia is facing tough competition from Parle, and the major fact is Parle is unbeatable from past decades. However, Amul is giving the tough time in the dairy products like cheese, milk and other dairy items. In bakery items, Britannia is trying hard to beat local competition and also Monginis with other vegetables sellers and cake makers with their personal product line. For staying above all, Britannia has to adopt the competitive pricing approach. Hence, the products of Britannia are good in quality along with the reasonable prices. Its pricing strategy with the distribution is very strong, which force people to buy its products, even on the journey or station rather than other local snacks (Bhasin, 2017).

Place in Marketing Mix of Britannia

Britannia has gained the position of being the market shareholder for several years across India. It also has several foreign deals like working and collaborating with Peak freans, and other companies, which are successful in the UK biscuit market. It also completed many takeovers like in 1975 Parry that enabled this company for distributing the goods to many people. For the purpose of distribution, Britannia follows the channel of FMCG distribution network, wherein it involves in the activity of appointing distributors at particular locations. These distributors are made responsible for dealing with retail showrooms and handling dealers. Modern trading channels such as D-mart and Big Bazaar are also directly handled by company. These distribution channels follow the strategy of breaking bulk, and large volume of the amounts are transferred from the factory to C&F and from C&F to the distributor and forwarded to the dealers and retailers. Distribution channel in the urban areas are brilliant with the Britannia, as it is present and available everywhere. However, company’s rural penetration is still very less due to challenges faced by distribution channel in the rural areas (MBA skool, 2018).

Promotion in Marketing Mix of Britannia

Britannia uses all usual methods and techniques of promotion and advertising, which include magazines, billboards, TV commercials, and the point of purchase marketing ads. It also hired many famous celebrities as the brand ambassadors like Salman Khan for endorsing the range of Tiger biscuits. It helps the company in promoting the core values and objectives of the company in good personality and style. It has high advertising spending for the products such as Bourbon and Good Day that are the stars of the brand and the company. However, the marketing spending on the dairy products are very less, mainly due to the expenses (Bhasin, 2017).


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