Bisleri is the Italian developed public limited company, founded by “Signor Felice”. Initially it dealt in the bottled water, but later the company was bought by Parle’s Ramesh Chauhan, and decided to operate the company with the same brand name for the continuation of the unique identity of the company. It is considered as the one of the biggest manufacturers that has over 36% of market share. Its bottles are very easily available in Indian subcontinent. The brand was successful in making efficient inroads and has thirteen franchises with e18 manufacturing plants across the country. Its headquarter is in Mumbai and faces strong competition in the industry (Bisleri, 2018).

Product in Marketing Mix of Bisleri

The products of Bisleri were first come in the glass bottles with the name of brand written. Later, the company introduced PVC bottles which were all non-returnable. Currently, the brand’s bottles are made available in the containers, which could be carried by consumers easily. The main product of the Bisleri in the product portfolio is the mineral water, and it was marketed with the name of “Bisleri Mineral water”. It also produce the soda water called as “Bisleri Soda water”, which has two variants; carbonated and non-carbonated. It has addition as the power drink with the name “Bisleri Urza”. It also offers various variants of the products to satisfy the needs and customer demands and simultaneously target various segments of the market and society. Its bottles come in different sizes like half liter, one, two and five liter, one and a half liter, twenty liter, and fifty milliliter (Bisleri, 2018).

Price in Marketing Mix of Bisleri

India is the country where mostly people are from middle-class or lower-middle class of society, and hence, Bisleri target such market, for which it needs to set affordable prices and follows the same. Water is present in every corner for buying and selling, and needs to have the minimum pricing strategy for competing in the industry. Bisleri plays with volume and quantity rather than in prices. The more the products will sell, more will be the profit. For meeting the demand of the customers according to their expectations, Bisleri worked hard to put the costs down and make sure that policy of prices remains clear and simple. Recently, it increases the rates slightly, because of the reasonable and competitive pricing strategy (Bhasin, 2017).

Place in Marketing Mix of Bisleri

Bisleri is launched in India- Mumbai, and its exclusive product is Vedica which is made available in the North, South and West India only. The products of Bisleri are available in almost every retail stores, movie theaters, restaurants, hypermarket, supermarket, malls, and school and college canteens. In the whole India, the products of Bisleri are easily available in over 200,000 outlets. Hence, it has completely penetrated the Indian market and has very effective supply chain, which always makes sure of the deliveries, productions, purchases and delivery of the products. It is successful in making its own distribution network, which is very effective and work efficiently, that no consumers claim for its non-availability. It has its own 2000+ trucks, which are used for delivery by roads (Mba skool, 2018).

Promotion in Marketing Mix of Bisleri

Bisleri believes in going to the long way by effectively communicating and connecting with its consumers and with the individual, so that several potential consumers could be attracted and retain the customer base. Bisleri has realized the concept and importance of the promotion and engaged in many persuasive marketing activities for increasing the product visibility in market. In the initial promotional ads, the butler was having the two bottles of Bisleri, and the tagline was “Bisleri is very very extraordinary”. This helped the company in getting the more imagination of paved and public ways to the path of success. The objectives of the advertising and marketing policies set by Bisleri involves the personal selling, sale promotions, public relations, advertising, print media, and discount offers. It has successfully set up the aggressive plan of media with some ads on billboards, hoardings, vehicles such as trucks, trams, and other interface through which consumers can be connected with.


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