Big Basket is the online food products and grocery store, operates in India from 2011. Its headquarter is in Bengaluru, and provide services to the entire country. It runs with the help of “Innovative Retail Concept Private Limited “mainly in 30 cities and towns of India. It sells groceries, fresh vegetables and fruits, meat, dairy products, household items, and personal care through its mobile application and websites. In 2017, it had the customer base of about 6 million and considered as the biggest online grocery online retailer. Big Basket worked hard for the expansion, and partnered with the Mumbai based “Bengal Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals ltd- BCPL” for delivering the pharmaceutical items, industrial chemicals and other home items to the Kolkata customers. It also partnered with the SnapBizz- technology retailing firm for automating the inventory management and supply chain for the local retailers and grocery outlets (Menon, 2016). Here is the in-depth marketing mix analysis;

Product in Marketing Mix of Big Basket

Big Basket is an Indian e-commerce retailing website that deals with the delivery of multiple products. The major products in the marketing mix of it are the application and website that provide the access to consumers for buying the food and grocery online. It offers the variety of the products like dairy products, grocery items, meat and staple products. Its product portfolio includes;

• Vegetables and fruits- fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, cut vegetables and fruits, exotic vegetables and fruits, organic products, herbs, flowers and sprouts.
• Food grains, Masala and oil- pulses, sugar, salt, rice, staples, dry fruits and staples.
• Dairy and bakery- breads, desserts, dairy items.
• Beverages
• Branded food products
• Hygiene and beauty products
• Gourmet
• Meat and eggs
• Baby care
• Household (MBA skool, 2018).

Price in Marketing Mix of Big Basket

Big Basket is the biggest online grocery and food retailer in India. It is the first venture entering in this sector. Later it had to face immense competition. Even though, it worked hard and continues to secure its position of the market leader and still hold the large market share as compare to competitors. It is very popular among consumers. However, it always it increases the margins by charging the nominal prices like Rs.20 for the delivery for the products that are billed below Rs, 1000. Big Basket also offers the nominal discounts and benefits on order of around Rs 3000 or 5000, for encouraging the households and individuals to buy the monthly groceries online from them, hence gaining and providing the advantages of economies of scale. Its prices are relatively higher than the ordinary or local stores, mainly to cover its variable costs and expenses. The variable costs are high because of the perishable items wastage, transportation and labor cost, any damage, storage cost etc. it tries the process to be competitive even after the markup prices to be an effective market player (Vidya, 2016).

Place in Marketing Mix of Big Basket

The brand spread in multiple parts of India that includes the main cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi-NCR, Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Mysore, Vijayawada-Guntur, Nashik, and Ahmedabad. The Big Basket aiming to expand in other countries also. Consumers also place orders as per their needs. They have to effectively choose the delivery mode and timings. It offers two different deliveries; Express and Standard. Express done the delivery within 2 hours after placing the order, and Standard delivered on next day (MBA skool, 2018).

Promotion in Marketing Mix of Big Basket

Big Basket used several pricing and marketing strategies over past several years, which helps them to stay ahead as compare to its competitors in the industry. The biggest and one of the leading marketing strategy of the brands was the introduction of Shah-Rukh Khan as the brand ambassador, and launched a TV commercial, with other digital and media marketing campaigns. It was done with the aims of gaining visibility and popularity among the mass market, because celebrities have the influence on their fans and followers. It also offers the periodically offerings to loyal and most frequent consumers, the heavy shoppers. Sometimes they do cash back in digital wallets as the promotional activity (Vidya, 2016).


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