Bata as the company is acknowledged and widely known as “people’s brand” across the globe in the shoe industry, and is making its place in bags market. Bata is greatly liked and preferred by majority of the people, and considered as well-known and most common shoemaker company of modern era. It has achieved success because of its quality, affordability and durability, and this helps in its growth and expansion. It has the massive appeal and outreach to the masses with the active presence across the globe, because of the adaptable and effective operation’s model, image, employees’ welfare and satisfaction for being the shoemaker for common man (Bata, 2018).

Products in Marketing Mix of Bata

As from the beginning, Bata gained the huge recognition because of its product portfolio, mainly in form of ample variety of sandals, shoes, bags, and accessories, which offer the quality and consistency as per the promise made. There are millions of consumers out who do not prefer worthless products, and mostly rely on the Bata, and no such frills are attached with Bata shoes that can be gained at affordable rates.  As owing to the supply of products and reputation of quality shoes, people have high expectations with Bata for its durability. From several years, Bata is providing the well-designed and good products with great focus on the price and durability. Its main products are; formal shoes, casual shoes, women and men collection, sandals, accessories, and sports shoes. It has various brands like Sparx, Hush puppies, Comfit, Bata, Marie Claire, North Star, Mocassino, Power and Sandak (Bhasin, 2017).

Price in Marketing Mix of Bata

The price is considered as most powerful P of the marketing mix, and so does Bata consider it, as it had amazing response from the target consumers because of its affordable and reasonable rates and mass-market pricing strategies. Anyone can easily be able to purchase the Bata products and they find it convenient. Bata mostly use the psychological pricing strategy for keeping the market share. The Bata usually set the prices to the nearest “9” digit figure for example $19.99, $29.99 etc. It implemented this approach when it was struggling in the market, but still continues it in the Bata showrooms. In general, the prices set by Bata are very moderate, and it makes sure that it is affordable for the common people and that is the main reason of its growth. Because of this, the premium consumers get affected and Bata does not target premium consumers, who mainly consider Bata as the brand for mass market and not justified to status (Mba Skool, 2018).

Place in Marketing Mix of Bata

The placement of the Bata and the subsidiaries has been broadly effective due to the immense market research and new approaches implementation. In fact, retaining and maintaining the strategy of lower prices of items is possible because of its broad distribution channels and efficiently availing the economies of scale, or else even the break even is difficult for the Bata. Thus, it greatly dependent on the distribution channel. The distributions of the products are based on the effective and in-depth research and the forecasting market conditions. The markets are studied in terms of segments, economic conditions, cultures and the responsiveness, then it entered. It has placed the manufacturing facilities in 27 different locations for serving to their regions without any hassles, and also promotes the further growth (Assignment point, 2018).

Promotion in Marketing Mix of Bata

From the beginning, Bata never believed and trusted on the extensive use of media or promotions through public relations that much, that only one or two commercials comes on television or in magazines after so long. Bata mostly relies on the century of the long legacy and it achieved the huge network of loyal customer base which was its main objectives. With the help of promotions, it believed that the cost is increasing, and hence, it will affect its pricing strategies, and this could be the negative point as it is targeting mass market. Hence, the undifferentiated marketing approach is present and implemented by Bata. It offers major promotions like seasonal sales or some discount days, and effectively communicate this with consumers. It plays in volume (Bhasin, 2017).


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