Audi is the famous car manufacturing company of Germany, and is known across the globe as one of the part of three big luxury car manufacturers. Along with the BMW, and Mercedes, globally Audi is the leading luxury car manufacturers. It oversees its global manufacturing from the head-quarter which is in Bavaria- Germany. It has nine other manufacturing facilities across the globe, which manufactures its vehicles. Audi greatly focus on its marketing mix, and the depth analysis of the marketing mix is provided; (Audi, 2018).

Products of Marketing mix of Audi

In the beginning of the 1990s, Audi faced some serious issues with the microprocessors, which cause multiple electronic failures and as a result, company’s reputation as at stake. Audi strived hard to solve the issue and so the new vehicles do not have any major electronic failures, mainly because of the improved and new technology. Audi has broadened its range and offer variety of new vehicles, from A1 along with the venture of the company among 4×4 markets with Q7 and Q5. However, A4 Audi is very famous, as does impressive looking and designing Audi TT. Audi is the part of the three big car companies, it is one of the leading brand of selling luxury sports cars. Audi has the worldwide presence, and operating its manufacturing facilities in many countries (Audi, 2018).

Price of Marketing mix of Audi

The prices of the new series of Audi A1 in United kingdom  is about 14,000 GBP, which clearly means that Audi follows the strategy of skimming price or premium pricing. Obviously, this pricing strategy for Audi is completely justifiable, as it is giving the more qualitative car and owned a good brand image. Such pricing approach is mandatory for proper positioning of such brands. People are very much concerned about the brand image and reputation, and this completely reflects on the car production that is more than 123,000 units. Showrooms and dealerships offer the repayment plans, which allow the wide range of consumer access to brand. As Audi is considered as well-reputable with luxurious sports cars like Audi TT RS Coupe and R8 Coupe, this shows the growth in its sales and production from past years. However, Audi still tries its best to rationalize prices and give more innovative choices and finance options for owning the brand (Bhasin, 2017).

Place of Marketing mix of Audi

Currently, Audi is present in the entire world, and has many dealerships in every country and in every state. It has faced tremendous increase in the sales and demand from past many years, and is expected to see more in the future years, due to its best performance and quality product. It has its own outlet in several countries, and also deal through dealerships, which make it easier for the consumers to buy it, and it is easily available in the countries and origins. Although it is a German based company, and has presence world-wide, it continues to be the prolific seller of vehicles and cars. Audi has set major decisions, and plans for expansion and investment in other markets like India, for achieving its long term objectives. Maintaining and establishing the presence through the exclusive dealerships and good after services offered by Audi, helps in building the European reputation (Bhasin, 2017).

Promotion of Marketing mix of Audi

Audi is involves in different sponsorship and sports ventures like sponsoring Italian football players and teams, and owning the permanent feature in the PlayStation of Sony Home. It effectively manages to be in the public eye efficiently, without doing much or utilizing more efforts. It has advertisements on television, billboards and magazines, and with the commercials, it features famous celebrities over several years. Audi was very popular because of its slogan “Vorsprung durch technik”, which means, “progress through the technology”, and still this slogan is used by Audi in the commercial ads. Audi mainly focus on the cars quality and so the production and sales rise automatically. Its car launch in the world is done by different celebrities, because it targets the niche market. It never goes for the mass marketing, instead advertises in premium segment (Mba skool, 2018; Bhasin, 2017).


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