AT&T is the time honored and most famous American based company, which deals with in the telecommunication industry. It is the multinational corporation, operates from Texas, where its headquarter is located. It is the second biggest leading company in US and third biggest across Texas, for providing the wireless and fixed telephones connections. As being the public company, the revenue is the largest with over 130.4 million consumers, which makes it the 17th biggest operator of the mobile telecommunication across the globe. It is successful in achieving almost 27.1% of the market penetration (Bhasin, 2018).

Products of the Marketing Mix of AT&T

SBC purchased the AT&T for around $16 billion, and after that, it started to adopt the strategies which to make its own brand name, image and good will. In the year 2013, AT&T decided to sell all its wireline operations and functions of the “Connecticut to FrontierCommunications”, because of this, the transfer of the 2700 employees, 180,000 video subscribers, 900,000 voice connections and 415,000 broadband connections occurred. In 2014, AT&T decided to buy the “DirecTV” for gaining the access in the Latin America market. It also decided to merge all its existing IPTV and U-verse brands with the DirecTV for joint platform. It is the most famous

American brand in the telecommunication industry. Its current products are;

• Digital television
• Digital security- home and life
• Fixed line internet services
• Broadband internet access
• Fixed line telephones
• Mobile telephone
• Satellite television (AT&T, 2018).

Price of the Marketing Mix of AT&T

AT&T set its prices by considering the facts and figures and realizes the need of the reasonable pricing concept, and because of this, follows the competitive pricing strategy for many of the offered services. Few of the plans are “Rollover Minutes plan and Family unit”. AT&T has also utilized the broad spectrum for offering the video conferencing in most reasonable rates. It took decision for marketing the wireless routers in most reasonable prices. It keeps eagle’s eye on the market trends, and competitor’s strategies and then make the final decision after evaluating and analysis. It has gain the opportunity of negotiation because of changing and flexible policies. For increasing the volume as per the demand for reaching the larger customer base, it keeps open multiple opportunities in terms of prices for capturing the larger volume share. It strives hard to offer low prices as compare to rivals and maintain its customer base (Bergen, 2018; Bhasin, 2018).

Place of the Marketing Mix of AT&T

AT&T is the brand, which focus on its functions and operations in South and North America, along with the assistance of over 243,620 employees. It also started the endeavor of connecting the individual’s house, gadgets, vehicle and different devices for each other, because its mobile phones have easy navigation via single platform. Cingular and AT&T wireless got merged for establishing the biggest and largest spectrum holding carrier for 59MHz wireless. With the vast and broad amount of the available spectrum, it influences the data services and gravitate it towards the operational excellence. The distributive channel involves locking horns along with the competitors through using BEST buy, Wall-Mart, Radio Shack, and many others, which are effective and highly visible traffic and locations. It tried its best to offer best customer services for gaining more customers by creating MSOC process and ensure consumers demands by meeting them efficiently and effectively (Bhasin, 2018).

Promotion of the Marketing Mix of AT&T

AT&T signed a contract or an agreement with the famous brand of technology Apple, for marketing and selling its services, which has resulted in broad publicity and visibility. For creating the brand name and image itself in the global market, AT&T started to offer the video share services, HSPDA, PTT and voice IP services. It spent huge amount of resources for developing the major programs such as management, leadership and business learning. It also focuses on the internal branding, to develop the competitive leaders, which would be the asset for the company with skills and experiences. Other rewards could be career development, accelerated growth and right exposure in careers (Bergen, 2015).


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