Nestle, a very well known brand that is now housing thousands of products was primarily formed for helping the infants survival who could not feed on mothers lactation., its first product being "Farine Lactee Henri Nestle". The brand was introduced by Henry Russel in 1866, which was boosted up by its merger in 1905 with Anglo Swiss Milk Company, headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland.


• Being the world’s largest food and nutrition company almost six thousand products are being hosted under the brand named Nestle.

• Its products are very wide spread in range counting almost all daily use products as well as occasionally used products. The products includes coffee, bottled water, cereals, pharmaceutical products like lens care solutions, infant food, beverages, chocolates, candies, ice creams,  refrigerated foods, yogurt, milk cream a very unusual product that is pet food and the largest selling brand milkman. All these categories are subdivided to the diverse choices of customers including different sizes and flavors (Kowitt, 2010).

• Products that are introduced in the market are first screened through high profile research and development sector including food processing, micro analytical research and proper delivery of functionalities in the food products thus promising the healthy goods for consumers.

• Main raw material for its milk products are UHT treated and packed in tetra packaging, moreover the packaging is long lasting as well as tempting.

• As hygiene is a basic ethical question for edible products, so Nestle has a full concern and focus on this parameter.

• Nestle provides the product compliance to the customers including all legal supports.

• Nutrition quality is preferably determined and is provided on the packing of the product to facilitate consumers to check their preferences along with the expiry dates.

• Complaints if any are timely responded and suggestions are always welcomed.


• Flexible prices are the key factor of success of Nestle in global markets for example Milkpak being the largest selling brand is being sold out at the same price as that of other low quality products while maintaining its quality.

• Their marketing strategy includes a wide range of pricing strategy, and by doing this they can maintain their product rates at a sustainable position.

• Prices are affordable to almost all types of consumers as they have wide range of single product as in the case of beverages, fruit juices are affordable to low economy class and expensive tin packed beverages are also doing business in the market.

• Bulk purchase discount is also provided at the whole sale markets as well as at the market stores.

• Seasonal price variations are also seen, especially in the case of chocolate products, either by upsizing at the same price or reducing the sale price.


• Nestle products have their main business area in Europe from where they get almost 90 percent of the sales and revenues.

• Nestle is running globally, its setup being run in 86 countries. So, the sales are also done globally and are impulsive ones.

• The products are not directly thrown into the market, rather a full procedure is followed including all the essentials from Manufacturer, Distributor, Wholesaler, Retailer and finally to Consumer.

• Nestle products are available in all its variety at the maximum outlets, as the company is always looking forward to expand its outlets.


• Promotion strategies of the company are very well planned and they always pay multiples of the expected amounts.

• Advertising on electronic and print media along with sign boards having tempting figurations of the brand always proves good for the brand

• Sometimes limited economy offers boost up the popularity of brand especially in the case when new induction to the market is made.



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