Advertising has many advantages and strengths (reaching mass audiences, creating awareness, building preference etc.) but that the same time; it has got some major weaknesses too, (targeting individual consumers, making them believe a message, and pushing them to action). Thus, its use has to be combined with that of other communications elements (such as direct advertising, interactive advertising, the media which we see out of home, public relations etc.) And, this usage of all these elements has to be integrated in terms of its message, tone, and effect.

Interactive Advertising

It is one of the new ways to promote one’s business. Interactive advertising deals with all aspects of utilizing online or offline interactive media in communicating with the consumer by putting yourself in the consumer’s shoe. As it deals with all the age groups, so it is pretty essential to keep in regard the central route of motivation by getting yourself known first about the pros and cons of your advertisement. Interactive advertisement promotes brands, brand products, some sort of public service announcements, political or corporate groups, services etc. The primary medium of such advertisement is either T.V (in the form of infomercials) or over the internet (where the message is conveyed through the video content). Normally this type of advertisement is action-oriented and you get to know about the customer’s response immediately.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is included within the direct marketing, and in it other than the direct mail involves telemarketing, electronic marketing, online marketing and many others. These all have four traits in common respectively, i.e. it is non-public: the message is conveyed to an individual. It is immediate and customized: the messages are prepared quickly or normally a script is followed, to the specific consumers and finally the direct mail is interactive i.e. it initiates a dialogue between the marketer and the consumer. Direct mail involves placing discount coupons at public places like parks and parking lots, or to flyer neighborhoods near the business. Moreover, email marketing or mailing lists are also included in the direct mail.

Out of Home Media

Sometimes the primary role of advertising is to act as a reminder to buy and use the brand. The brand may be established and have relatively solid, stable image. The out of home media mostly involves such strategic actions like to stimulate immediate purchase and/or use to counter the inroads competition. Shall talkers or point of purchase materials placed in the stores or near to the brand’s display are examples of out of home media. It has some key benefits i.e. it can enhance the top-of-mind awareness of the brand, thus increasing the probability that the brand gets included in the shopping lists. In addition, it re-enforces the key elements of the national campaign at the point of purchase. Lastly, it increases the motivation for the use of the product class as a whole.

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