Harley Davidson is an American motorcycle company started in 1903. Inspired by French integrated engine Bikes William Harley and Walter Davidson placed its foundation. The company is famous for motorcycle production during the Second World War in which almost 9000 motor bikes were produced and afterwards a very well reputation was established in civilian production as well.


• The major product is heavy weight motorcycle of 750 cc for working out on heavy roads.

• A number of brands have been introduced in its century of age, and each one was very integrated, well equipped and up to date with respect to technological advancements (Johnstone, 1995).

• The hallmark productions of the company assisted it to acquire eagle mark for itself.

• An excellent customer service is provided in case of any ambiguity, and customers are thoroughly guided for the upcoming brands.

• Deals in branded motor bikes and other limited sector of open market.

• Also deal in used bikes, there usable parts being repaired and introduced in the market at lower price range

• Spare part market has also got their name at the top of the list.

• Twin Cam engine is its major innovatory product.

• They also offer services for repairing.

• Revolution engine is also introduced on their innovation lists.


• Their prices are mostly maintained around a certain figure.

• The major revenue sector is heavy bikes along with spare parts.

• The company has been in crisis for few years as its market share dropped by 43 (%) percent.

• The company is planning to eliminate its employees in the coming year for maintaining the company’s financial position (Wilson, 1993).

• During the time of crisis the vehicle prices were suddenly increased but now it’s being hoped that they will be regulated.


• The company has acquired 358,000 square foot plant in Kansas City for the production of Dyna Glide, Sportster, and V-Rod models.

• For assisting Latin American expansion n Assemly plant is located in Brazil. By establishing manufacturing units, a vast production was achieved (Margie, 2009).

• Harley Davidson is also moving forward to export bikes in India as well to increase its production and export sector as well.

• Harley Davidson also caters the motor bikes export in most parts of the world but it is not that much economical because of high custom duty for heavy machinery.


• Different marketing policies are being applied for the promotion of the company.

• Lucky draws are timely introduced, while promoting its political frame.

• Certain free services are announced for showing goodwill gestures on the new motor bikes sale.

• Some times fares are also arranged for bulk sales, especially when there is low sale time.

• Very attractive commercials are placed on different channels.

• Most of the magazines in U.S promote the company by its good coverage.



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