Google, the most popular and the very well developed search engine is basically a multinational company. Through its advanced innovation and technology it is also hosting cloud computing and advertising along with the net surfing and internet products. The Google guys Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded the company as private incorporation in 1998 and were initiated publically in 2004.


• Almost all types of academic as well non academic stuff.

• Advertisements that appear along with search results through a program called Google Ad words.

• A good number of eBooks with copy rights reserved are being hosted by Google as Google is related to number of libraries and provides an attractive low cost opportunity of digitizing the books but sometimes the writers are unhappy for not certain about their rights being reserved or not (Ignatius, 2006).

• Google earth is an attractive product from Google incorporation and through that GPS locations on the ground can exactly be calculated. This interestingly locates almost all existing features including roads, settlements, hotels, restaurants and almost all the physical features including manmade and natural features.

• Google chrome, the recently introduced internet browser is also one of the popular products from Google. Its popularity is also because of its three dimensional imaging system (Kopytoff, 2008).

• Google is offering so extended material at one click that it is often thought to be a plagiarism tool.

• Academic material including all the reputed journals and thesis records are also hosted by Google thus making the advanced research and development possible.

• Personalized Google page Google is being practiced as a very liberal tool.

• A wide range of services like YouTube, Rout, Google Docs, Google Calendars etc are adding to its popularity and most frequent use.


• Google money making is a big question, but its success is dependable on its high revenue being generated by Adgoogle, bidding the products in the market (Hanley, 2003).

• Advertizes that are blooming with the help of Google are making money many fold of that being invested on investment,

• Every time the ad is clicked the Google gets paid.

• EBooks digitizing is another handsome earning source for Google.


• Google plex the head quarter of Google incorporation is located in Mountain View California (Farhad, (2002).

• Google is in fact an online business present around the globe.


• Google chrome is hosting its own T.V channel for promoting it.

• Magazines are advertising Google frequently.

• Benefits are given to advertisers for its promotion



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