Any person who enjoys the goods and services generated or produced by any organization is known as a consumer. When a person consumes any good and service according to hi/her personal need or demand then he is the one who is sharing the activities generated by any company. Consuming according to ones need and demand is a tough task because here a person tries to get the best product or service.

Generally, when we talk about consumers, we usually stick on those particular people who consumes. Whereas, those people who are consuming any service provided by any firm are also known as consumers because they are also the part of that particular firm or organization. Every consumer is thus known as an important part because they are the only one who actually tells you how your product is working and how it is giving something special to them. According to the behavior of consumers, companies do try to improve their performances and thus the enhance their level depending on the needs and demands of every single consumer.

In law and politics, consumer’s protection laws are also imposed in order to protect their rights and to give them freedom of decision and choice too. Giving them rights is the only way that can lead towards any betterment and with the help of this process companies will also come to know about their present position and will work further in order to improve their future position too.


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