A complex buying behavior is a type of buying decision behavior where consumers are fully involved in the complex process when they are completely concerned about purchasing a product and make out a significant difference amongst the brands. The high involvements of the consumers basically suggest that the product is expensive, risky and it’s purchased infrequently.

As the name advocates, this type of a buying behavior is very complex in nature. This does not involve on the spot buying rather it takes a lot of thinking and time before the actual purchasing decision is made. A buyer basically undergoes a very thorough and detailed involvement about the product. The interesting point to consider about this type of buyer behavior is that a no of the same products who serve to be fulfilling the same purpose are in strong competition to engage the buyer’s attention. Therefore, the buyer has to make an accurate choice about which product to buy The X or Y.

Following is the list of characteristics and features that a commodity under this complex buying behavior possesses;

1-  Expensive: the buyer must have got a lot of money to purchase the product.

2- The purchase is done less frequently i.e. after a long time the buyer considers to buy again.

3- The element of risk is quite high due to the high price tag involved. If a commodity fails to serve the intended purpose the buyer incurs a loss. For instance : Buying a new house requires a lot of risk however the customer has to make an informed decision about various factors such as the locality and the future value before buying. On the other hand, buying a bag of chips does not involve a complex behavior as an impulsive decision instead on information.

It’s the responsibility of the marketers to have a full understanding of the buying process. It’s their job to provide the help to the consumers in order to learn about the product. The marketer has to communicate a message that influences the buyer’s beliefs and attitude about the competitor’s products.
In a complex buying behavior process, the buyers follow the three steps such as:

Firstly, the buyer develops a belief about the product. Next is the attitude about the product and in the last as how he or she can make a thoughtful choice. The customer is well aware of the significant perceived differences in each brand. In order to develop a belief the buyer has to spend time inquiring about the product, evaluating alternatives brands and makes a comparison before finalizing any product. For instance, a person who wants to purchase a car will be highly involved in deciding which car to purchase. He or she will get absorbed in an extensive research by approaching different car dealers and evaluating various types of models available in the market. A car is an expense and is used for a longer time. Therefore, the consumers undergo a complex buying behavior to refrain from any disappointment in future.

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